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Monday Musings – Preparations

Our family is beginning a new and exciting journey. One that will lead to us to becoming grandparents for the first time!

Our daughter has begun the process to start foster parenting so that she can adopt a baby. She’s right smack dab in the middle of the process and it may be months (or longer) before she will begin fostering. And she is well aware that she will be faced with the heartbreaking task of giving back who knows how many babies, that she will undoubtedly have become attached to, before the child that will become her child joins the family.

She’s begun preparations. We’ve begun preparations also since I will be babysitting while she’s at work.

She has no way of knowing whether she will get a newborn or a baby that is a few months old (or older) so it is pretty difficult to get things all ready. She has to be ready at a moment’s notice to take in a baby so must be well prepared ahead of time.

And except for a couple of things that we are looking out for, she is ready. She has a supply of different sized clothing that she (and we) have picked up here and there (almost all gently used). She has a crib that was generously given to her by dear friends of ours. She has miscellaneous baby gear that she collected at a mom-to-mom sale. She has some diapers, formula, and baby food. Two special friends of mine have loaned the baby a very special item. The thought behind it was so touching that it made me cry.

Her second bedroom is making the transition from a home office to a baby’s room. Actually all of the furniture is in, but none of us has had the time to pull the 30 year old wallpaper off the wall (nearly her whole condo was covered in wallpaper) so that it can be painted. It’ll happen. And when it does, it will sport a jungle/zoo motif. Her whole house is ready for the home inspection (which was to have happened already, but was cancelled).

Therein lies the problem, if we want to call it a problem since it would be so minor to most people. When my babies were born, there wasn’t so much fancy baby gear, all matching. Jamie and I have been quite taken with some of the cute matching crib bedding set/highchair/baby swing/infant seat/jumparoo yada yada and etc. However, not knowing if she’ll need some of it (if she ends up with a toddler instead of a newborn) really causes hesitation on what exactly you spend your hard-earned bucks on. She and I went to a mom-to-mom sale and got many of the things she needs to be prepared for a newborn and older foster child/children so she is close to being set. I keep pointing out that it won’t matter to any baby that it doesn’t all match. Much of what both of my babies had were hand-me-downs and they don’t remember that fact and both have turned out to be super adults.

We have to look at it this way. There’s lots of good stuff out there, just very gently used. It only makes sense to buy used as it would save a lot of money and would also be the right thing to do.

I mean, look at what I picked up at a thrift store:

Jim and I picked up these goodies on a recent outing. Nothing was over $1.99. Everything was in really good condition.

Jim and I picked up these goodies on a recent outing. Nothing was over $1.99. Everything was in really good condition.

This was brand new still with the tags - $1.99.

This was brand new still with the tags – $1.99.

I was thrilled to find these three blankets. Each was $1.99. All went with her theme. And all are so cute!

I was thrilled to find these three blankets. Each was $1.99. All went with her theme. And all are so cute!

I do miss out on one thing. Throwing a baby shower. We’ve decided that we would throw a “welcome to the family” shower when the baby becomes officially hers. We can’t wait!


10 thoughts on “Monday Musings – Preparations

  1. What a wonderful commitment! Children outgrow everything so quickly; I’ve bought darling outfits for every age of grandchildren at Goodwill. And St. Vinnies! What would we do without them.

  2. That’s fantastic good luck to all of you, a child no matter what age is a gift.
    Keep an eye out of the Facebook swap pages they have allot of baby stuff cheap and are always willing to bargain.

  3. I am so happy for her. She was a teenage babysitter to my two now grown up children. I know many children in foster homes now and I admire the families that take on that responsibility. Those kids are usually in the most consistent environments when they get to stay with their foster parents. Many of them thrive and do better in school. So I wish all of well on your long journey. God bless all of you for opening up your hearts and homes.

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