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Sleep, Peaceful Sleep

I’ve recently come up with some really good ideas and thoughts and remembering things…after I go to bed. So much so that I decided to put a pad of paper and pen next to my bed to write them down, knowing I would forget by morning.

I found one glitch with that idea though. I’m too lazy to reach over, put my glasses on and write something down when I’m half asleep. So sits the pad of paper, empty.

Last night, Jim and I were working on some billing/logging (for our business) and I couldn’t find something that we needed. Much as I try to keep it from happening, my desk gets messy. After all, I do a lot of different projects at my desk. Too much going on in one place. But this was something that I have a place for and it usually gets to that place. It didn’t this time and I was annoyed at myself for being disorganized. Funny thing is, even if my desk has a lot going on, I usually know where everything is – like organized chaos. It’s something I’m trying to change as I haven’t always been this way. I vowed that I would find it today.

In the middle of the night last night, I woke up knowing exactly where it was. I didn’t write it down, but luckily I remembered. I got up this morning and there it was right where I knew it would be.

I’m sure this is why I wake up so darn tired every morning. I do my best thinking while I’m sleeping. My body sleeps, but my mind doesn’t.

Jim too, which is why he can take catnaps just about anywhere:

Jim and our son Jon (at about 16 mos. - 1990) both taking a catnap.

Jim and our son Jon (at about 16 mos. – 1990) both taking a catnap at a birthday party of all places.

We don’t have sleep disorders. We just have minds that don’t want to turn off.


7 thoughts on “Sleep, Peaceful Sleep

  1. The last thing on your mind at night is the first thing there in the morning. That’s why you remembered the lost paper’s location. You just have to get to it quickly enough!

  2. I know how that is. The night before we’re going on a trip, I try to remember to put pen and paper by my bed. If I think of something, I just scrawl it on the paper – without turning on the light. I have some interesting, jumbled up words sometimes!

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