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The past week in quick review…

Haven’t had a lot going on lately, yet we’ve been busy. Does this mean we lead incredibly boring lives? Well, I’m okay with that.

Jim and I had a meeting (actually a couple of meetings) on Saturday in northern Michigan. Since we had to be there at 8:30am and it’s about a five hour drive, we left Friday afternoon and spent the night before up there. The meetings finished a little earlier than anticipated. That’s always a good thing. Don’t you find that you’re more exhausted sitting in meetings, or trainings, or a boring conference all day than if you worked or were doing something that allowed you to move around? Yep, us too.

Our meeting was at the Grand Traverse Resort in Traverse City.
My friend Dawn showed me this display.
It is all made of sugar. Way cool.

So, we started heading home. We were both tired though and had bad headaches so decided to stop for the night. Okay…maybe we wanted to stop at a couple of antique stores on Sunday. 🙂 We were lucky to find a cheap, but clean motel. Since we were in the Birch Run area, we breakfasted at Tony’s. Have I told you about Tony’s? I didn’t take a picture of our meals (mine was actually more normal sized), but the portions are huge and that’s what they’re famous for. It’s impossible to finish your meal. Our leftovers were Duke’s treat when we got home.

For the record, I had only eggs and toast. Jim had eggs, potatoes, sausage, and toast. The white box that we brought home was full with our leftovers. Some may call it a waste, but it’s what Tony’s is famous for.

We visited some nice antique stores and I seem to have now started collecting advertising trade cards. More on that another time.

So, let’s fast forward to Tuesday. I had an appointment to have a root canal. Oh goody. My advice is to never postpone going to the dentist because you don’t have dental coverage and don’t want to spend the money. It costs more in the long run. Two cavities and a root canal.

My regular dentist decided to refer me to an endodontist. It appears I had a curved root. Go figure.  I was only nervous because my jaw hurt from the dentist appointment a week earlier. I figure if I’m numbed up, I’m okay. He numbed me up really good then told me that if I felt any pain at all to raise my left hand right away. He started drilling and I started feeling pain. I thought to myself, “It’s okay. Tough is out. It can’t be that bad.” Then I quickly decided that it was not okay and I raised my hand. The dentist injected right at the base of my tooth. Waited for that to kick in and started again. The second time, I didn’t need to raise my left hand as I nearly jumped out of the chair when he hit the nerve. He had to then give me a shot right in the nerve. He said, “It’ll be intense for about 10 seconds.” It was intense for longer than 10 seconds, but it did do the trick. I’m tough, I really am. This was just not fun! I have a high tolerance for pain, but this root canal broke me. I filled the prescription for Motrin and Tylenol 3 that he gave me, came home, took a Motrin, crawled into bed and slept for two hours. Today I am sore, but so much better. I go back in three weeks to finish. He didn’t want to put me through the whole kabang in one shot, although he did say the worst is done. For that I am grateful!

For the rest of the week, we will be busy getting ready to help throw a Halloween bash at our son’s house. It’ll be fun. Just hope the weather is as nice as today was. Remind me to take some pictures!

Also, a big thank you to Delores at thefeatherednest! I won her Halloween giveaway and was thrilled to receive the package. I will share photos when I share the photos from the party as I’m loaning them as decorations. They WILL come back to my house though!!


4 thoughts on “The past week in quick review…

  1. I love the Grand Traverse Resort, Birch Run, and especially TONY'S! The amount of food they give you is just ridiculous, but when the waitress brings out an order and sits it on your table, you just have to smile because of the ridiculousness of the serving size. LOLI've had root canals many times, and have had to have a shot into the root in order for it to tally numb, so I FEEL YOUR PAIN, girl! Your dentist is right though; the worst is over. Whew! You made it through the toughest part. Good job!

  2. I haven't been to Tony's in years! I remember my aunt betting me that I couldn't finish a serving for their french fries. I was probably 15 at the time. I regretted it, but I won that bet. A whole $1 !! LOL!Ugh, hope your teeth / mouth feel better quick!

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