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Simple Sunday

As time goes on, I must be choosier about what I’m searching for.
I’m still collecting mostly baby and children, but I’m looking more closely
about what else is in the picture.
Like this one.

If you can translate what this says,
I would greatly appreciate it!



8 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

  1. Claudia, thanks so much! Five names! I got the Heinz, Friedrich so are the other three names on the next line? I wonder which name he went by. 🙂 So the little German boy was about the same age as my German grandparents.

  2. Looks like:Heinz FriedrichAdolf Gustav Weinertzgeb (short for geboren, "born") 17/8 1901in Greis Lichterfelde (today, Berlin)photographed 20/6 1902I have some ancestors from that town.

  3. Great job, Claudia! That's what is so nice about having blogger friends. They are always willing to help out.Really cute baby and carriage too!

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