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My Monday Musings

I haven’t had musings in a while. ☺

We don’t have cable. Air conditioning either. The other night I even said to Jim that it seems silly to run the dishwasher with just the two of us. This almost makes us sound backward.
I don’t care. I’m a simple gal.

Jim getting things ready to take down the old antenna and put up the new.
Wouldn’t you be nervous if you were me??
I can’t climb that tower, but I stayed outside every time he did.

 Speaking of no cable. Our antenna tv coverage has been horrible this summer. To the point where we watch the local morning news and, even though I sometimes leave the tv on during the day for noise (although silence is real nice sometimes!), most of the stations putter out in the afternoon and evening. We just weren’t watching much tv in the evening. Mostly Netflix, if at all. No tv is not a bad thing, but there are some things we like to watch (I love PBS!). So, we bought a new antenna and cable, a booster and rotater. The works. Hey, we don’t spend money on cable so figured we’d flip for the new stuff. Our antenna is mounted on top of a windmill tower (that’s where it was when we bought the place) and that seemed a good place for it to stay put. Jim had a lot of prep work to do and YIKES that was stressful. For me! The worst was when he was finally ready to take the antenna up. He climbed 35 feet with the antenna (about 10 feet by 4 feet) on a 3 foot pole. Talk about panic (ME). I was so relieved when he got it up there and mounted. I kept saying, “Please let’s call Jon (our son) and have him come help!” Jim would reply, “He can’t really help me carry it up.” He was right, but it was definitely not a one-man-climb-a-tower-toting-antenna kind of job. And it will not happen again! He even admitted that when he was done. But all’s well that ends well. Our stations all come in (plus a couple extra) and so crisp and clear. I WAS ABLE TO WATCH PBS LAST NIGHT!

Our new antenna.
Jim toted that thing all the way up there and installed it BY HIMSELF!
I took no pictures of him doing the actual carrying up and installing because I was too busy having a panic attack.

I’ve started letting our chickens free range. Not every day and not when Sosha is coming (I think the two dogs together might not be good for the chickens). They love it. They wander all over the place. They’re not very smart though. Sometimes they get on the other side of a fence and can’t figure out how to get back. I usually know where to look for them if I haven’t seen them in a while. When they see me, they run to greet me (I’d be more flattered, but I know they’re looking for food) and sometimes they follow me around. I feel like such a mother hen! And they head back at bedtime to their cozy little henhouse.

The girls enjoying the freedom of the yard.

Jim and I have been over two weeks on our own and have survived it so far. House seems quieter, neater, emptier. Not so much from Jamie moving, as from Sosha and Ricky. Going from two dogs and a cat down to one dog makes a huge difference in the fur factor. And my allergies. Sosha had a little trouble at first, but seems to do okay when her mom’s at work as long as she can’t get upstairs to the bedrooms. We kinda miss them, but it’s okay. Everyone is close by. On to a whole new chapter!

And we had a little scare with Duke. It all turned out okay, but I’ll let him talk about it on Duker-day.

9 thoughts on “My Monday Musings

  1. Whats the point of paying for some of these luxuries if ya don't use their moneys worth I say ! I to like PBS ! Lots of my British shows I like to watch are on there ! I to don't like to take photos of Papa here up on high places I panic as well always watching and making sure he is ok but cant stand to watch either lol does that make sense ? lol Hope you have a good day !

  2. Hope Duke is okay! Happy you can now have a little tv. PBS is my only channel to watch. I love chicken too! Thanks for sharing your interesting post today. Enjoyed it! Gentle Hugs, Loretta

  3. Not backward. Thrifty. Ma would be proud. (I love the Ma quote you snuck in there too.) How cute that your chickens follow you around! That is too fun. Look forward to hearing from Duke about his adventures.

  4. Geez, I would have been panicked too! Can't believe how high Jim had to climb! Scary! SO glad that turned out ok.I think it's neat that your chickens get the run of the yard. We'd love to own some if we lived on a larger lot.

  5. You know, I could NEVER have chickens. I would make pets of them. I wouldn't be able to eat their eggs, or eat them. They would have to come into the house in bad weather (I know, I know, not a good idea). I am such an animal lover – even chickens. And knowing me I would have to stop eating chicken!

  6. House seems quieter, neater, emptier….When my oldest daughter left for college my younger daughter and I puttered along for some time. One day she mentioned it now took no time at all to straighten up the house. I would never have believed the older one left all the books and clothes in piles on the floor and furniture, but apparently she had been the culprit.

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