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Duker-day…And White Boxes

Last Saturday my mom and dad left. They were gone all afternoon and almost till dark! I was not happy. It is my opinion, now that I’m the only dog left here, that I should go everywhere with them. Apparently they don’t share that opinion.

So they came home and my mom was carrying two plastic containers and a white box. Now the plastic containers mean they’ve been to see Ma (my dad’s mom) and she sends cookies and muffins home with them. She likes to bake.

The white box? That means that they went to a restaurant. Almost every Sunday morning I am the recipient of a white box. I think that every white box should belong to me, but for some reason sometimes my mom likes to keep the white box for herself.

Well now, that’s what she thought Saturday when she came in with the white box sitting on top of those two plastic containers. There were three pieces of pizza that she thought would make a nice lunch for her and my dad.

Until the white box slid off the plastic containers, fell, opened up and deposited those three pieces of pizza face down on the kitchen floor. My mom was not going to eat that pizza now, but I sure did enjoy them!

See. I have no problem sharing the back of the car during a shopping trip.

5 thoughts on “Duker-day…And White Boxes

  1. Lucky Duke! Pizza! I know what you mean, Duke.I try to take my furry kids everywhere too, however there is some places and people who do not love animals as much as your family and I…(GASP!) so, you would be much safer at home. But, they love you very much Duke:)

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