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Duker-day…And The Very Good Week

Duke here. For some reason I missed my regular day last Saturday, so I’ll pick up here where I left off.

After that terrible week when my mom and sister left us and went far away to Minnesota, there was a very good week. It started when my dad worked like crazy to be caught up, loaded up the car, then told Sosha and I to hop in!

I could tell it wasn’t just any trip. It was a trip to the cabin. And the lake! It’s a long drive, like four hours. Dad stopped along the way at the place where we can get out and stretch our legs. And sniff around. And pee. Several times.

Then we got to the cabin. My mom was so happy to see us. I didn’t mean to run right past her as she came out to greet us. BUT THE LAKE WAS THERE AND I WANTED TO SEE THE LAKE!

She forgave me. She’s good that way.

Ahhh…the lake. My. Favorite. Place. Ever.
We went to a place called the Sand Dunes. And, except for the place where you buy the park passes, we didn’t stop at any place where dogs can’t go!
Beautiful views.
We even got to stick our paws in the waters of Lake Michigan.
After such a busy day, we were tired.
Some people and a small black dog got to go paddle-boating.
I just could not bring myself climb into that thing.
I felt it was my duty to swim out and guide them back. Over and over.
Don’t do it Sosha! The water’s over your head.
Sosha did decide she likes the lake, but after a couple of mishaps.
I think she knows now that you can’t walk on lilypads.

Jamie and Sosha left a couple of days before my dad and mom and I. And we went on another adventure. A working farm set during the depression era (whatever that means). And they allowed dogs on the tour. I DID NOT like the tractor wagon ride, but luckily we weren’t on that very long.

There was a summer kitchen. My dad and I waited outside while my mom listened to the ladies and took pictures.
They were making something called sticky buns. This was my favorite part of the whole day. My mom brought a sticky bun out for my dad and he shared it with me. And a lady I didn’t even know gave me part of hers! I was her friend after that!
My dad and I looking at…stuff.
And more stuff.

This very good week almost made up for the very horrible week. I hate it when my mom or dad go away. I really hate it when they both go away at the same time. I love it when they take me with them!


6 thoughts on “Duker-day…And The Very Good Week

  1. LOVE this post and expecially adore the photos!! Wish you could meet my boxer, but then again, he's not at all about going in the water, not one bit. Oh, he'll , out of curiosity walk to the very edge of the shore line, but, run or jump in ??? NEVER !! You're a handsome guy and I look forward to more of your writings

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