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First Day Home…

After thirteen, yes I said THIRTEEN, nights spent sleeping in beds that weren’t my own, I spent the most peaceful and glorious night restfully sleeping in MY OWN BED! I believe that I have never spent this much time away from home. Ever.

I’ve yet to finish laundry, catch up on bookwork, and straighten the house (that my husband had left wonderfully clean and neat), but I have unpacked, so there’s that.

I have not uploaded pictures or written of my adventures, but I promise that I will!

I’ll leave you with this though…a little of what I woke to for six mornings spent in northern Michigan –

Taken through the window above the bed. I had truly just awoken!
Believe me when I say that it was much more beautiful than this simple photo.

And what I enjoyed while reading, or talking, or listening to the sounds of nature. Or…doing nothing at all –

Enjoy the rest of your day. I am going to fix supper tonight. My husband truly deserves it!


8 thoughts on “First Day Home…

  1. After 13 days, I can only imagine…it's good to be home! It will not be long before you are back to you old routine. Welcome home!All the Best,Hugs

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