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Refections on the A to Z Challenge


Well, I made it. I finished the A to Z Challenge and it sure feels good. I loved the subject matter that I chose, but was never quite satisfied with what I wrote. It is what it is. I ended up being a little bogged down with other projects and, even though I should have done posts ahead of time and didn’t, just feel like I didn’t do my best with every post. I’ve loved the comments and feedback I’ve gotten. Thank you all for your wonderful encouragement. ♥

I started the month visiting other blogs the way I was supposed to and commenting when I came across one that had actually started the challenge (I came upon many who hadn’t started yet, or ever). Then, as other things started to consume my spare time, I found that I just wasn’t able to go visiting quite as much. I feel bad. I did find some great posts and some great blogs that I will continue to follow. But doing some of the research for some of the posts (I couldn’t always count on my memory), or looking up certain passages from the books, then actually writing the posts took up a good chunk of time. I could have spent another couple of  hours (at least) a day visiting other blogs to read and comment. And I really wanted to keep up with the blogs that I have been following forever. I feel a loyalty to make them my priority, but even fell behind on those. I found that I just couldn’t fit it all in and finishing (or catching up on) my post had to be my priority. For that reason, I’m not sure if I’ll do it again. I don’t want to commit again if I can’t give it my all…

As it is, January, February, or March would have been a better months for me since they are much slower in our household (and business).  Other people are more organized than I am and seem to be able to accomplish what I could not. I don’t know how they do it. But then, I was not as “together” as I should have been.

But I really love learning and writing about Laura Ingalls Wilder. So, while I may not commit to doing this challenge again, I may just do some kind of personal challenge again. I have no complaints or suggestions about the A to Z Challenge itself. The volunteers who donate so many hours to making it all work deserve a big round of applause! And who knows, next year I may just decide to do it all over again!!

Interesting (to me anyhow) blog stats during the challenge:

The page with the most views: Almanzo at 70 views.
The page with the least views: Understanding at 5 views (which was a link to a post I had written already).
The page with the most comments: Maple Syrup at 19 comments (a long one, but with a chance at a giveaway if you stayed with me through the whole post).
The page with the least comments: Understanding at 0 comments (apparently readers don’t like to be sent somewhere else).
I didn’t keep track, but I think I gained another dozen or so followers. Much less than last year, but I think keeping to a theme that appeals to a certain audience affects that. And since that’s really the essence of who I am, others probably wouldn’t enjoy my blog during normal times anyhow.

All alphabetted out…


5 thoughts on “Refections on the A to Z Challenge

  1. I just discovered your blog on the A to Z reflections link, and I think this is an awesome theme of Laura Ingalls Wilder! I read the series over and over as a girl.

  2. Well, for many days, I read what you sent via e-mail, not knowing I had to go to the actual blog and make comments. I was sending comments to "reply", which in reality was 'nowhere.' Maybe others were like me – SLOW to learn. Learn, yep, I did, over and over again. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

  3. Congrats on finishing. Isn't it strange how hard it became to keep reading other blogs?! I agree that another month may have been easier for me with my work and coaching schedule.

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