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My theme for the A to Z
Challenge is Laura Ingalls Wilder. Laura Ingalls Wilder was the
author of the Little House books and there was a television
series very loosely based on the books. I began reading the
books when I was eleven years old (which even I have a hard
time believing is over 40 years ago!). If you would like to
read about my feelings about Laura, visit this site. I have also listed helpful sites and blogs in my sidebar if you would like to learn more.

S is for Starlight

This bears repeating (you may have seen it in my Almanzo post):

 “Father!” Almanzo exclaimed.
“Yes, son?”
“Can I? Can I really tell you what I want?”
“Yes, son,” Father encouraged him.
“I want a colt,” Almanzo said. “Could I buy a colt all my own with some
of that two hundred dollars, and would you let me break him?”
Father’s beard slowly widened with a smile. He put down his napkin and
leaned back in his chair and looked at Mother. The he turned to Almanzo
and said:
“Son, you leave that money in the bank.”
Almanzo felt everything sinking down inside him. And then, suddenly, the
whole world was a great shining, expanding glow of warm light.
For Father went on:
“If it’s a colt you want, I’ll give you Starlight.”
“Father!” Almanzo gasped. “For my very own?”
“Yes, son. You can break him, and drive him, and when he’s a
four-year-old you can sell him or keep him, just as you want to. We’ll
take him out on a rope, first thing tomorrow morning, and you can begin
to gentle him.”

As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved horses. I wanted a horse. I needed a horse. I knew exactly how Almanzo felt. 

I read this book long before I was finally able to own a horse of my own. You would think I would have chosen a Morgan horse (Almanzo’s breed of choice), but ever since reading Little House on the Prairie, I knew that I wanted an Indian breed. And my first horse was a dapple gray pony (really a horse, but a small one) – an Appaloosa. 

My first Appaloosa, Rachel.

I often compare my husband, a hard-working, man-of-few-words, to Almanzo. There is one glaring difference though. My husband does not like horses. I’ve been working on changing that for almost thirty years and am not ready to give up yet! He once told me that he would convert part of the shop (where our business is mostly housed) into an area with a stall where I could keep a horse…when we retire. He regrets the day he ever uttered those words. 

Because I don’t forget things like that.  

 **Join me and many other Laura fans at LauraPalooza 2012 (the
second-ever Laura Ingalls Wilder Conference), which will be held July
12-14, 2012, in Mankato, Minnesota. For more information visit Beyond Little House and look for the heading “LauraPalooza 2012”. The pull down menu will have all of the information that you are looking for!**


4 thoughts on “Starlight

  1. A lovely post ! My first horse or pony was a Welsh pony a gelding he was a flea bitten grey colour . I named him Clyde because he was built like a miniature Clydesdale ! He was origanlly a cart pony but I broke him to be riden as well ! Have a good day !

  2. hah, love the thing your husband said to you and I hope you hold him to it…I like horses for their power and strength but have never been drawn to them…

  3. I've always loved horses, too. Since my parents refused to buy me one, I used to plan ways to steal one – luckily I never got the plan perfected, so did not resort to a life of crime! Later we did have horses for awhile; my girl's was an Appaloosa Shetland Pony, mine a Palomino Thoroughbred. Hope you have more horses in your future!

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