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Duker-day…And Dogs of the Family

Duke here…

It’s been a boring week. Not much to report on so I thought I’d share pictures that I found on my mom’s computer. They are the dogs that were part of this family before me. I think I’m the best, but they were probably pretty nice too.

That’s my sister and Ruby. Ruby lived in Michigan then moved to Florida with the grandparents.
She didn’t like it in Florida so she moved back to Michigan
and lived with my mom and dad and Jamie (Jon wasn’t even born yet).
I hear she was a pretty good dog.

Otis. He came into the family as a puppy.
He didn’t like the house, wouldn’t come up the two steps from the office
to the house until he was an old dog. He hated thunder and fireworks too.
He lived till he was 12.
Bear. He was part of the family when I was born.
He loved me (sometimes a little too enthusiastically).
He had no tail, but he could wag his stump pretty darn fast.
A sad thing happened to Bear.
I don’t want to talk about it.
Sosha. She’s here now. I was here first.
She’s nice, but she can be bossy.
I just let her have her way, it’s easier.
I hear she listens better than I do. Whatever.

Ain’t I cute?

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