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Monday Musings…And The Living Room

We’re in the home stretch. I think. I’ll share more pictures when it’s all done. Right at this minute, we’re waiting for the floor man to come.

Our living room floor really isn’t in terrible shape, but we had to empty it to do all of the other work.

So, we figured now was a good time to have it done.
It was last re-finished almost 30 years ago, so it’s worn well.

The only real visible signs of wear are in the hallway coming out of what used to be the kids’ bedrooms (and one is now my office). When we first moved here, my mother-in-law had rugs in the hallway. They were always crooked and I hated covering up the beautiful floor so I removed them. We’ve decided to put two runners in the hall because we want it to last till we kick off or move out.
The front hallway and front door are rarely used.
We are totally cut off from our bedrooms and the main bathroom until the job is done.
Jamie has moved to her brother’s house for a few days and Jim and I are camping out in the basement.

At least we have access to the kitchen.
Yep, that a fireplace mantle in our kitchen/dining room.
Jim made it removable in case, in years to come, someone decides to remodel and that old brick mantle is back in style.
I am pretty excited about this. The mantle is beautiful and Jim made it so that some of the brick shows just because we’re a little sentimental about it.

Have I mentioned that Jim made: the paneling, trim, and mantle? He really is talented. I must showcase his other work once our house is put back together!


9 thoughts on “Monday Musings…And The Living Room

  1. Beautiful craftmenship ! Papa here is quite the wood worker as well its great cause I get all kinds of wonderful things made ! Cant wait to se it all finished ! Have a great day !

  2. That is a beautiful mantle! My husband is a talented woodworker also! Unfortunately he lost his desire for woodworking a few years ago. Maybe after he retires in a few years I can talk him into doing it again!

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