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Simple Sunday

Wm. Jr. – 9 mo. (that’s what the back of the photo says)
I think that one day his parents said,
“Let’s drag William’s high chair out into
the snowy yard and take his picture!”


8 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

  1. Great picture! I have one of my dad standing beside an old oak caned-bottom kitchen-type chair when he was probably 3 years old (that would have been 1902). If you look closely, you can see grass under his feet – there's a backdrop behind him. So interesting how they took pictures back then. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How about… photographer is passing through town one snowy winter day. Family sees this as only opportunity they have to get a photo of their precious son. However, photos must be taken outdoors in the sunlight as the log cabin with one tiny window is far too dark, and they certainly can't lay baby down in the snow. Photographer says, We must seat William Jr. in something he can't fall out of, and parents say, I know, his highchair! And thus, we have this…

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