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Simple Sunday…the “I’m back” edition!

Jim found this one for me. I had to buy it because:
a) I felt bad for the horse
b) I wondered why
c) It made it all these years and found its way into an antique store

Enjoy your Sunday,


12 thoughts on “Simple Sunday…the “I’m back” edition!

  1. Welcome back!Does make you wonder, doesn't it…my wild guess is that the saddle was the only point of the photo – must've been a new one or something – or else surely they'd not have kept the photo without the horse's head. It's different. I like it.

  2. Interesting photo. Maybe the picture-taker wanted everyone to see his/her ornate saddle, and so the horse's head wasn't important to them. LOLI'm glad you're back too, although I've been gone for so many months that I didn't know YOU had been gone too. So now we're BOTH back! And it's nice to be able to read your posts again. Take care!

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