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Monday’s Musings…

Jeepers! Is it Monday already?

Jim and I were away from home again this weekend. For a homebody, I sure do a lot of traveling! This time we drove up to northern Michigan (Traverse City) for a meeting. We had heard they were expecting snow up there so we decided to leave early in the day on Friday. At least then it would be daylight for the trip up. The roads weren’t too bad till we left I-75 and started heading west. Still…not as slippery as we expected. We did make a stop at an antique mall on the way up. I may have gotten a few photos there. Our intention was to stay Friday night, do our meeting on Saturday and head home afterwards. Somewhere along the way, on Saturday morning, Jim decided to extend our stay by a day. No objections here! We ended up having lunch with a couple that we only get to see at these meetings and then went back into Traverse City. Somehow (and it really was Jim’s idea!) we ended up at a lovely bookstore (with three floors!). After spending over an hour just browsing and picking up a couple of books, we decided to head out. There happened to be a jazz band warming up in the coffee shop. So, we decided to stick around a little while. Jim got us coffee and a couple of very yummy homemade gingersnap cookies and we enjoyed listening to a little jazz.

Yesterday, we woke up, cleaned up, got dressed, I did my hair and make-up, and we headed down for the hotel’s complimentary breakfast. Seriously! A complimentary hotel breakfast does not mean roll out of bed and drag yourself down to the lobby! We have been in five hotels in the past couple of weeks, three offered a free breakfast. We usually take advantage, but at every single one there’s always at least one family in their jammies. Yesterday, it was a large group. It kind of kills the appetite. I mean at least run a comb through your hair! And, as an aside, we had a “Pat” (remember SNL?) sighting yesterday. We never did figure him/her out. Never would have taken notice if he/she wouldn’t have been constantly yelling at his/her kid during breakfast. At least he/she was dressed (and not still in his/her pajamas or nightgown or whatever) though.
Really…it was a low-priced and clean place to stay. We’ve been there before. Yesterday though…

Okay so we left and headed to an antique store that we really wanted to wander through. We were early and ended up taking a very chilly walk around the block and then some. Brrr….but that was invigorating! We enjoyed all three πŸ™‚ of the antique stores we took a walk through yesterday. We both found “a thing or two” too!

I took but one picture all weekend. We stayed at the Grand Traverse Resort
on Friday night and this was the view from our balcony Saturday morning.
It was cold!

I’m looking forward to sticking close to home till March and convention time!


10 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings…

  1. In all my time spent in Traverse City I have never stayed at the Grand Traverse Resort. We usually stay at a hotel on the beach, of course in January there's no thrill in that!

  2. In all my time spent in Traverse City I have never stayed at the Grand Traverse Resort. We usually stay at a hotel on the beach, of course in January there's no thrill in that!

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