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Monday’s Musings…

It was a very quiet and simple holiday week, but one that I enjoyed very much. We managed to spend it with nearly everyone that we wanted to…there are those that we love far away that we would have loved to see…
Everything was simple and gave me time to reflect on what exactly this holiday is all about.

I have things that I want to say, but can’t find the words. Isn’t that weird. It’s nothing serious or profound, just reflections. Maybe another day.

I will share just a few pictures from our Christmas Day:

I tried a new recipe for a french toast crock pot breakfast. Bad time to try new recipe.
The chickens enjoyed it topped with their Christmas present of dried mealworms!
Duke and Sosha get their gifts first.
Sosha enjoys a new woobie!
Duke unwrapping that new bone that he was staring at on the mantle on Christmas Eve.
I was really excited to give this to Jamie. It’s a To Kill a Mockingbird charm bracelet (her favorite book).
Each charm represents one of the items that Boo left in the knothole in the tree.
Allow me to tell a story:
We have a crawlspace off the basement where we keep the Christmas wrapping paper
and where we used to hide Santa gifts. It’s creepy in there so I only take out whatever I can reach
and make Jim crawl in for the rest.
This year we found something we must have missed about 15 years ago.
We decided to give it to Jon anyways. 🙂
He had friends over on New Year’s Eve.
I wonder if they played with it!
Jim wanted a price gun for some of his inventory that he has
on hand. It would save him from having to search for a price.
When he opened it he said that he’s wanted one since he was
eight years old. Then he started pricing everything.
We spent the afternoon at Jon’s house where one of his cats, Ethel,
was enjoying his new Wii game.

Isn’t this the cutest couple ever?
Brittany had to work so we only saw her for
a little bit before we headed home.

Yes, it was a good Christmas!


10 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings…

  1. Nothing better than a quiet weekend spent in the company of family. The dogs are so cute. Looks like everyone had a nice Christmas.

  2. Nothing better than a quiet weekend spent in the company of family. The dogs are so cute. Looks like everyone had a nice Christmas.

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