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Duker-day…And The Corn Addiction

Yes, I admit it. I love corn on the cob. Yes, I admit that I harvested the few ears of corn that the garden produced this year. I. couldn’t. help. myself.

I knew that my mom had been keeping an eye on that corn. The garden was pretty much a bust this year, except for the radishes. And those weren’t tasty at all. My mom thought that maybe, just maybe, the family could enjoy the little ears of corn to go with a summer supper one night. It was not meant to be.

It all started when my mom saw this in our front yard. Whenever I find something good, I take it to the front yard.
She became very suspicious.

So she walked out to the garden and saw this….

and this…

and this.

The chickens were cackling, “It was Duke! Duke did it!”
Dumb chickens. There were still six chickens then…

I did get a big talkin’ to. It’s a lucky think I’m so cute. The next time my mom gave me corn she took pictures to show how much I enjoy it.

First I husk it.

My mom gets a kick out of this because I spit the yucky stuff out.
I wanna get to the good part!

I dig right in…
And eat the corn right off that cob.
I know how to do it.
After I eat all the corn off of it, I usually just go ahead and chew the cob up too.
Don’t want it to go to waste.

Sosha pretends like she likes it. She’ll take an ear and carry it around for awhile.
Eventually she eats it, even though she doesn’t really like it.
She just doesn’t want me to have it.

My mom wants me to remind everyone that she has a giveaway going on!


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