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Simple Sunday

Imagine my surprise, several weeks ago (yes I am behind in posting this), when I received a package in the mail – a large envelope. My friend, Trini, had messaged me to ask for my address. I had no idea why, but was so happy and touched when I opened the envelope to find a little bunch of old photos. Now, here’s the thing: they were not only old photos, but exactly the kind of old photos that I collect (children, children with animals, babies in long white gowns). And another thing? Although I’ve known Trini for the last few years…we’ve never met in person. She is another of my “Laura” (as in Laura Ingalls Wilder) friends.

I have met the most wonderful friends through our mutual love and admiration of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Some I have been able to finally meet in real life and some I haven’t. But I will. Someday I will!

For the next few weeks, I will share the photos that Trini sent to me. Thank you, Trini! You don’t know how much that little package meant to me!

I love this! And they’re from my era.
I turned 5 in November of ’65.


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