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The Steps…

Yep, here’s another short post about our trip to the cabin. I promise this will be the last. I think.

Before we left for the cabin, Jim had decided on a project he wanted to work on while we were there – replacing the steps that lead down to the dock at the lake. The yard slopes down a hill and there have always been these cement block steps:

The old steps have served their purpose, but Jim thought it was time for a set of “real” steps.
He priced blocks in the area and hiked on back to the Pioneer General Store in Mio (the Amish store that I mentioned earlier) as they offered the best deal.

He’s been working for a while here. It was more of a job than I thought it would be!
A few breaks were taken. Duke insisted.

On our one rainy day, Jim threw some grass seed down.

The finished steps. I’ll tell ya it makes a difference!
Jim has another project in mind.
But that had to be saved for another trip and another year.


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