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On Our Way To The Cabin…

We made a couple of stops on our way to the cabin. These are “must go” places that we stop at every time we’re up north and they’re in an Amish area. Our first stop:

This is an Amish owned and run store. Jim can ALWAYS find something he needs here.
On our way to the Amish bakery that we like to go to, we found a new bakery.
So, we stopped here too.

And then we stopped here.

And this is what we bought. Oh, except there was another dozen of peanut butter cookies. They were gone by the time we got to the cabin. I swear I only had two! And, yes, this was just for the three of us (Duke included, of course!) and we shared with the swans. Duke stepped on the brownies so he got to eat the one with his pawprint on it.
The Amish school is near one of the bakeries.

I don’t usually take pictures of the Amish.
I mean…I wouldn’t want people to take pictures of us as we’re driving down the road.
I had my camera out and decided to snap the picture just as the man waved to us.
It turned out pretty good.

**Thanks for all your well wishes! I went to the doctor and am on antibiotics so should be “back to normal” in a few days! ♥


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