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Monday’s Musings (4)

Is it Monday already?
*No, it’s Tuesday. I started this yesterday, but never finished. So, I’m musing my Monday on Tuesday, once again.

  • Yesterday – 9/11/11 – I really just wanted to stay home and mourn and remember and just be, but part of me needed to just get out….Jim wanted to go to a large flea market that we visit occasionally. That’s what we did. We only bought a dozen ears of corn and an onion from one of the produce vendors. It hasn’t been much of a flea market this summer, in my opinion.
  • We also ended up a a large antique event. Lots of vendors all outdoors on a perfect weather day. Bought a couple of things. Mostly it was nice just being out doing something we both enjoy.
  • I have a sewing machine that rarely sees the light of day. Most of the sewing that I do is mending or hemming by hand. Jamie asked if I would hem some panels of fabric for her to use as curtains to cover the shelves in her classroom. She totally expected me to tell her to get her sewing machine out, but I wanted to do it. A little bit of simple sewing and …well, I really enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll get the sewing machine out more often! 
  • Thinking of sewing. I had a lot of hobbies that I gave up during my super busy years and have just not been able to get back into them now that I have more time even thought I really want to!
  • This funk I’ve been in this summer has really drained the energy right out of me. I’ve been doing what’s necessary, but not much more. In the past few days, I have been able to accomplish/finish one significant task each day, plus some smaller ones. Slowly…I’m making my way back.
  • Once again, I am behind in my blog reading. As I’ve done before, I know I cannot catch up, but please know that I am trying to do some reading. Sorry for the lack of commenting lately. Some weeks I find it very difficult to keep up…
  • I broke a tooth last week and, because of being on call for jury duty, couldn’t make my appointment with the dentist until today. In the mean time, my gums on the other side of my mouth have become sore. Possible gum infection? I guess I will find out soon as my appointment is in less than an hour. I really do take care of my teeth and gums. Old age… 😦
  • Jury duty: Had to call every day, but never had to report. That was a good thing! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings (4)

  1. Papa and I love Antiquing it is so much fun we try to go as much as we can to different places. I to have a sewing machine and it to rarely sees day light but I have been planning to get it out this fall get some fabrics and get going on all kinds of things I will be a bit rusty but I am sure its like riding a bike ya never forget how to lol ! Hope your dentist appointment goes well ! Have a good day !

  2. That was good that you didn't have to report for jury duty! I hope your dentist appt went well. I think I was in one of those funks too—never quite sure where they come from…maybe the heat is a major part of it.

  3. I'm sorry you're in a blue funk. Jury duty would do that to me. I don't like getting out of my comfort zone and that would certainly be out of it.I posted about being the lucky winner of your Frankenmuth adventure today. That certainly helped brighten my day.Thanks again for the goodies.

  4. Sorry to hear you have been in a funk, you know they seem to come out of the blue dont they. I can SO relate to tthis post of yours…Work has been extremely busy for me the last few months, thankfully and not conplaining at all, but i sort of went of the rails in blogville too. Just trying to keep up doesnt leave room for much else. I am looking forward to the slower and shorter days of fall that are coming and spending time with my sewing machine and knitting needles. Hope the dentist appt went well, hang in there, this too shall pass.

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