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Monday’s Musings (3)

Another Monday…

  •  We had quite a storm last week. Rain, thunder, lightning and hail (something that doesn’t often happen in these parts) about the size of a quarter.
White dots = Hail
  • Jim and I drove to Detroit on Friday so that I would know exactly how to get to jury duty. I feel much better about it. Since I’ll have to be there at 7:45am, I’m not as worried about the morning traffic (because I will leave early and get there early – that’s just how I roll). If I have to stay all day, I’m not too thrilled about the traffic going home. Yikes! But I’ll deal. When I called to see if I had to report on Monday (this morning) the recording told me that I was NOT to report on Monday, but to call back Monday evening after 6pm. I look at it as one less day that I’ll have to drive down there.
  • Feeling better about driving to the court building in Detroit will never ease my fear of city driving. Mind you, I can and have driven around the state of Michigan and outside of the state of Michigan. It only bothers me to drive in big cities. I don’t like to drive, but will happily do it…just not in big cities if I can avoid them. I start getting what I believe could be a full blown panic attack even just being in the car. I try to control it. I do not like it. I just can’t stop that panicky feeling.
  • The court building is on Lafayette and so is John K. King Used and Rare Books so of course we had to stop. Jim and I spent the last half hour that they were open browsing. Believe me, you can spend hours there (and we have).
My haul from the John King Bookstore! 🙂
  • Then Jim spent the next hour driving around Detroit. I don’t know why. Traffic was terrible and there were tons of people, both of which made me nervous. He wanted to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, but it was packed so we left.
  • We also stopped at a Border’s Books and bought a couple of books for Jamie’s classroom, a couple of books for Jamie, a couple of books for Brittany, and a couple of books for me. That was a fun stop. Sorry that Border’s is closing though…
  • Re: Simple Sunday and the antique photos that I have been posting. No, they are not family photos although I have very few of those and do share them on occasion. Yes, I do collect antique photos (of babies and children) and I thought it would be neat to share them through my blog. If there’s any name, location, etc. on them I will include that. It was also suggested that I check out Dead Fred and I may just do that this winter when things slow down.
  • On Saturday if anyone was trying to get into my blog and saw a message about a possible malware or virus, I had to unfollow the blog that was named and unlink my blog from his. I know it wasn’t intentional and thought that I would simply get back in and follow him when he discovered it and fixed it. I tried this morning to get into his blog thinking maybe it was back to normal and got the same message. Just so you know that my blog is still not linked to his and is safe. 
  • Last week, I helped my daughter set up her classroom. It seemed as if no one had weeded through the contents of the room in many (many) years. It needed doing and is now (almost) done. It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it. I try to offer suggestions only when she asks for them and I know I’m not always successful. 🙂 She told me that she had a dream the other night that we were both working in her classroom and, while her back was turned, I moved a couple of very heavy, almost impossible to move shelving units by myself. When she turned around, I had singlehandedly rearranged her room and not to her liking. I think it means that she thinks I offer my opinion too often…
  • Yesterday I had an errand to run which involved both of my kids. I cannot remember the last time just the three of us went out together, certainly not since Jon was in high school and he’s 22 now. I mean they’re both grown with lives of their own so I don’t expect it to happen. We accomplished our mission, which I thank both my children for because it takes a small burden off of Jim and I. We then went to lunch, compliments of my daughter (thanks Jamie ☺). Applebee’s – Yum for the Strawberry Mojito which my son suggested. Thanks kiddos!


10 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings (3)

  1. I also was advised by someone that due to my connection with this blog site a warning was coming up. Having removed as many connections to it as I could I believe mine is now safe as well. How DO these things happen?

  2. I had fun setting up my room with you! But I think my dream was really because of that long unit of shelves we moved and now I know that even if I wanted to rearrange the room, those shelves will have to stay where they are (or it could be because you complained so much about having to move that filing cabinet across the room…again…☺)I think we should go out with Jon more often, but next time it's his turn to pay! ☺♥ you!!

  3. So far no probs here with blogger , we have love hate relationship anyways lol . We had bad weather last week tornato RED ALERT issued for the entire southwester part of Ontario and we were smack dab in the middle of it all ! Have a wonderful eve !

  4. Wow! You packed a lot into that post. I hate congested city driving too. I hate Detroit driving particularly. I never flew out of DTW if I could help it. I wish you well for jury duty.While we were hiding from Irene, we ate at a Cracker Barrel. I always look at the old photos on the walls and wonder about their families and how did these people wind up on a wall in a restaurant. I find it disconcerting.

  5. You've been busy and oh my, 'Jury Duty'! I think leaving early will be the key to an easier drive…and hopefully by the time you're ready to leave the traffic has thinned out again!Hugs~

  6. I am with you, I dont drive in cities if I can help it. I hate it. I can drive on a one lane road with a canyon on one side and a rock cliff on the other, and be totally comfortable, but plop me down in the middle of the city?? I am totally hyperventilating!

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