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Duker-day…And The Swans

My family has a cabin up north. We have to share it with all the other dog cousins in the family and I’ve heard that not all of the dogs in the family even get to go there. I’m one of the lucky ones. It is my favorite place to go. Not that I get to go to a lot of places, but this place has a huge lake! It’s the first place I go the minute we get to the cabin. I love to swim! I love to chase a stick out into the lake! I love water!

My mom and dad like to go up there after summer when the weather is still nice, but it’s not hot anymore and there aren’t as many people up there. My mom and dad love the peace and quiet. Me? I want someone to play with me all the time.

A couple of years ago, when we were up there, I noticed a couple of….well I didn’t know what they were!

I was happily playing stick with my dad one day when I first noticed them!

Wow! What the heck?

I HAD to go see!
My mom was afraid. Afraid that I’d hurt them? Or they’d hurt me? Or that I would swim out too far and get tired?
My mom’s always afraid of something!

I was getting pretty close. I do like to make friends with the neighbors “on the lake”, ya know!

And then…and then the darn things started coming to see me! And I decided it was time to head back to the shore where my mom and dad would protect me because my mom was so worried.

My mom told me that they were swans. She thought they were sooo beautiful.
And guess what! They liked playing that game over and over!
I would swim out to them and then they would turn around and follow me back to shore.
It really got to be annoying after awhile. I mean, every single time I went out to the lake, there they were. If they weren’t near the dock and I thought I could sneak in a few rounds of “throw the stick”, they’d be sure to spot me and come swimming over to play. Sometimes I just plain did not want to go swimming!
From what I heard they were living on the lake all summer and people had started feeding them so much that they would eat out of your hand! My parents didn’t think it was such a good idea to make the swans used to getting fed by people…but they ended up having to try it out.


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