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Happy Anniversary to the Wilders!

I am home today as Jamie has an all day symposium. My goal is to get some housework, business office work, grocery shopping, etc. done, but first I wanted to to share this passage from These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder:

Once Laura spoke. “Does Reverend Brown know we are coming?”

Almanzo said, “I saw him on my way over. He will not use the word, ‘obey.'”

Mrs. Brown opened the sitting room door. Nervously she said that she would call Mr. Brown, and asked them to sit down. She went into the bedroom and closed the door.

Laura and Almanzo sat waiting. In the center of the sitting room a marble-topped table stood on a crocheted rag rug. On the wall was a large colored picture of a woman clinging to a white cross planted on a rock, with lightning streaking the sky about her and huge waves dashing high around her.

The door of the other bedroom opened and Ida slipped in a sat down in a chair near the door. She gave Laura a frightened smile and then twisted her handkerchief in her lap and looked at it.

The kitchen door opened and a tall, thin young man quietly slipped into a chair. Laura supposed he was Elmer but she did not see him, for Reverend Brown came from the bedroom, thrusting his arms into his coat sleeves. He settled the coat collar to his neck and asked Laura and Almanzo to rise and stand before him.

So they were married.

 I know this probably means nothing to you if you’ve never read The Little House Books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, but it means a lot to me which is why I’m sharing.

Today we celebrate the 126th wedding anniversary of Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Certainly my favorite literary couple, but also one of my favorite real couples.


7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to the Wilders!

  1. Hi there,thought Id say hi,I found you through blog hopping,I used to love watching Little house on the prairie when I was a little girl,it used to broadcast on a Sunday in the U.K. it was my favourite,too.take care,love julie.xxx

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