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Monday’s Musings (2)

Yes, I realize it’s Tuesday evening. Been busy ’round these parts the past couple of days!

So let’s see…what’s happening?

  • Over the weekend, my son, his girlfriend and a couple more friends went to a concert in Detroit. A great evening for them all…that is till the got back to the truck of the friend who drove to find it had been broken into. Ipods and a purse stolen. Plus, what had been a great night ruined by some low-life thieves who steal from some really hard working young people. Grrrr. I was so angry, but also relieved that they didn’t come upon these thieves in action. 
  • My daughter and I have been working to get her new classroom ready. I’ve helped her do this before. I enjoy it, it’s fun. Wow though! This classroom had a lot of stuff that it didn’t need. It doesn’t look like anyone’s done anything more than accumulate classroom items, but not weed out the old, worn out, broken or no longer needed items. It looked overwhelming yesterday when we started and today it looks much better, but there’s a ton yet to do. It’s a good though. It’ll get done. I’m happy that I can help!
  • My jury duty starts Monday. I don’t mind the jury duty so much. I am on medication for my IBS which doesn’t take the symptoms away, but it does minimize them so hopefully that will be okay. My real worry is driving there. I have a phobia about driving in Detroit (or any big city). It may sound silly or not make sense to some, but it’s real to me. And I get really nervous and stressed out about it. I have to do it though. Hopefully after the first time, I’ll be more relaxed about it. 
  • Business is really slowing down. It’ll be another rough winter. We’ll make it though. I hope.
  • I will apologize ahead of time for not doing much commenting for the next couple of weeks. I’ll read when I can and comment when I’m able. I will miss my blogger friends!
  • I finally started reading The Help. Now, I don’t have time to finish it!


6 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings (2)

  1. I hope you enjoy jury duty and get a interesting trial. I always wanted to be on a jury and I rarely get called. Be sure you see The Help movie when you finish the book. It was excellent!!

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