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Jamie and I…off to Frankenmuth – Part 3

Day 2 of our Frankenmuth adventure and we did a little town walking and shopping. Oh and we ate at the Bavarian Inn. 🙂 However, we began our day with a nice breakfast at our hotel. They have a great breakfast. You could get pretty full, but we didn’t want to eat too much as we would be making pigs of ourselves eating hearty meal later in the day. Apparently, I was tired the second day as I didn’t take nearly the amount of pictures that I had taken the day before. I mean, seriously, why didn’t I take a picture of our meal?! And the shops?
Sorry. There are still a lot of pictures though, as you will see…

We started off our day by parking at the Bavarian Inn and heading to the River Place Mall. We see this “Willkommen” sign along the way.
We cross the Cass River to go to the mall, but there is another bridge. It’s the old covered bridge that leads to the Bavarian Inn Lodge which is a great place to stay if you have kids.

Waterfall that leads from the mall area to the river.
The is the entrance to the River Place Mall. This is an outdoor mall with all unique shops and boutiques. If you’re looking for a “normal” mall, this is not the place. There are some neat shops here though.

Then we head back to the Bavarian Inn. The restaurant is on the main floor and all the shops are in the basement area. Being touristy on this trip, we decided to wait for the glockenspiel which plays at specified times during the day. We had to wait about ten minutes.

So, we headed inside to a little lobby area. Look up and you see this. I love the light fixture.

You are still looking up here. I love the deer. My father-in-law made some like that several years ago.

It’s noon and we headed back outside to the Glockenspiel Tower to hear the music and watch the tale of the Pied Piper. Do you see the bells at the top of the tower?

Then the doors open and the tale of The Pied Piper of Hameln (Hamelin) begins.

The Pied Piper makes a deal to remove the rats from the village.

And so he plays…
and the rats follow.

But alas, the villagers become suspicious of him and refuse to pay the Pied Piper the agreed upon fee. The Pied Piper is angry and promises revenge.

And so he lures the children from the village…never to be seen again.

Only a (and I’m using exact words here so please don’t be upset with me) “crippled child” and a “blind child” who couldn’t keep up remain to tell what has happened.
The End.
No. Really. The End. We went in and ate and were full and as usual I ate more than I should. We did a little shopping and walked about town and did a little more shopping. And my feet hurt. And I didn’t take any more pictures. Sorry. I’m sure your upset about that! 🙂
We left. We were happy, full, and broke. We will be back. 
And so concludes my three part series of our two day trip.


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