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Jamie and I…off to Frankenmuth – Part 2

We’re here! We finally made it to Bronner’s! No surprises. Jamie just took an exit she always used to take when she came from the other way. Totally messed up my moose! (Points if you know where I just quoted from) 🙂

All around the parking area at Bronner’s are Christmas decorations like this jumbo ornament.

All these years and we had never gone to the Silent Night Chapel, which sits off the parking lot at Bronner’s. This year I wanted to see it. The next several pictures are from around and inside the chapel.

Heading across the parking lot to Bronner’s. See Santa on the roof?
There. See him now?

Love the Gingerbread House Float!

Usually we go in the West Entrance, but since we parked near the Silent Night Chapel which was closer to the South Entrance we went in there. Totally screwed us up. We ended up walking to the West Entrance and started from there. We don’t do well with change. 🙂

See! Even the Coke machines are Christmas themed!

In the entry way.

What a tourist-like picture! Jamie and Santa.

Santa’s eyes open and close!

Well, it was 140 days until Christmas on the day we went. Of course, it’s closer now. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?!

We always have to go to the little snack shop and get a hot pretzel and a pop. Every time. We have to.

Candy-themed tree. Bronner’s is filled with trees decorated in different themes.

Here’s a beer-themed tree!

Boy Scout ornaments.

Christmas trees that Bronner’s stocks.


Do you need lights for your tree?

More lights!

Bronner’s is huge. I mean really huge. We always go through the whole store and we never come away empty handed! Next we headed over to the Bavarian Inn Cafe for some snacks for later…like a brownie…which I forgot to take a picture of. It was good. Really good.

For the past several years we’ve stayed at the Drury Inn. It’s a great place. The customer service is great and the have, not only a full breakfast, but also hot food in the evening. Not a gourmet meal, mind you, but you can certainly make a meal out of it. We ♥ Drury Inn

After we ate, I thought it would be nice to take a walk about town. This is what it looked like outside our window though…

So, we watched The Princess Diary instead. And then we went to the lobby because they have a steady supply of freshly popped popcorn!

Tomorrow: The Bavarian Inn. And the end. I promise!


5 thoughts on “Jamie and I…off to Frankenmuth – Part 2

  1. I like this year's float.I think we usually go in the South Entrance. Lately, my Mom and I have walked over and left my Dad at the campground and called him to pick us up to head into town.Somehow men don't seem to appreciate Bronner's the same way we do.

  2. I grew up and lived about 30 minutes from there until 2 1/2 years ago when we moved to N.C. They are known for the chicken places to eat but I like Tiffany's bar for great stacked sandwiches. Looks like you had a great time.

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