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Jamie and I…off to Frankenmuth – Part 1

So, yes, I am slow in getting this put together. After all, it’s been over a week since Jamie and I went on our yearly overnight trip to Frankenmuth. For those of you who don’t know Frankenmuth…it’s a city across the thumb from us (you do know that Michigan has a thumb, right?) about an hour and a half from where we live. We live on the very east side of the state about where the thumb starts, just across the river from Canada. *I could never move from Michigan. It’s so much easier to explain locations when your state is shaped like a mitten!*

The whole town is Bavarian-themed with lots of shopping up and down the quaint sidewalks and eating at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant. It is also home to Bronner’s the largest Christmas store ever. I’d been there a time or two growing up and then Jamie and I went on our first real trip there during her senior year of high school. A couple of years later when Jamie was a student at Central Michigan University, Frankenmuth became a yearly trip during our school district’s mid-winter break when the boys would head up north snowmobiling, my mom and I would head to Frankenmuth to meet Jamie for the weekend. Frankenmuth was the perfect mid-way point between our house and Jamie’s college and a tradition was born. We rarely took pictures on those trips and I don’t know why. I took my camera one year and we took a few pictures. Somewhere there is a great picture of the three of us with a funny story. Someday I will find that picture and tell the story. Those weekends that Gigi (my mom), Jamie, and I spent were the “funnest” and the funniest and some of the best memories that Jamie and I have of time spent together with my mom. Jamie and I have continued the tradition. For the past several years, my mom was unable to travel and Jamie and I had to go without her, but we did keep her in our hearts when we went. Last year, the weekend after my mom died, Jamie and I took a day trip to Frankenmuth just to feel close to her and remember those special times that we all shared. This year, since money has been an issue for both of us, I told Jamie that we just wouldn’t be able to take our trip. Though I did tell her that if she got a teaching job we would definitely go. And guess what?! She was offered a teaching position a few weeks ago. After we got over the excitement and relief and all of those other emotions that followed her two year search for a teaching job…we remembered! A trip to Frankenmuth was happening!

This time, we decided to do it up like tourists and take pictures. We started out with a bang and fizzled a little the second day 🙂 but I have more than enough to share with you. In two three posts. Yikes! Please humor us…

Jamie told me that I couldn’t take a picture of her pumping gas…so I did anyhow. Sneaky, huh? ☺
On the road. I always make Jamie do all the driving. She doesn’t mind since I pay for the gas. Isn’t she purty in purple?
Look close…yes we find a connection to Laura Ingalls Wilder on every trip we take. This is an exit off I-69 between Port Huron and Flint. ☺

We left Sunday morning and there wasn’t a whole lot of traffic going north on I-75.
Look! It’s the Santa Bronner’s sign. I like to wave at Santa, but Jamie gets upset with me when I do.

Our first stop is always Bronner’s. But it says “THIS EXIT” and Jamie is not taking “THIS EXIT”. What’s going on??

We’re taking the other way around. Why is Jamie doing this? She’s trying to mess with me. I don’t like change! But here…a sign for our hotel. The one that we ALWAYS stay at.

Apparently taking the other way in causes delays and getting stuck behind a…what is it Jamie? That’s right! A hay baler. I was quizzing her. She’s a smart one though. ☺

So, going this way takes us through town, but again, it messes with my mind. And Raul (my gps has a male voice ☺) was not happy either!

Some day, when I lose weight, I will take a carriage ride. I’ve been telling Jamie that for many years. *sigh*

So, we haven’t even gotten to Bronner’s yet and this post is waaay too long. I think this will be a three-part two-day trip. See ya tomorrow at Bronner’s!!


7 thoughts on “Jamie and I…off to Frankenmuth – Part 1

  1. I remember last years trip :)I am from Perrysburg, ohio. originally. My parents still live there. My father has an import buisness and sells to Bronners! I took many trips with him there as a kid, when he went on business!Thanks for a good memory :)xo, misha

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