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So…I’ve been stuck outside all day and didn’t even get to get on the computer till just now. Can you believe it?
My mom and dad left early this morning (I know my mom wanted to take me…) and just got home a little while ago! My mom thought they would be back soon and it was like almost 10 hours till they came back. I kept myself busy and took a few naps, but Sosha isn’t even here this weekend to keep me company.

I hate it when my parents go antiquing. Whatever that is, I know one thing – it doesn’t involve bringing the most important member of the family any treats. Lucky thing my mom found something tasty to give me with my supper…they owe me big time.


6 thoughts on “Duker-day…Abandoned

  1. Hey Duke:Sir Poops-A-LotAnd, me, too. Hair Ball.SPAL: Our mummsy and daddy-o go away everyday.HB: Yeah. We don't like it much.SPAL: Maybe you can come over and play with us when your mummsy and daddy-o go away next time. You are potty-trained, right?

  2. Look at that face. How COULD they go away without you? What were they thinking? And no pressies? You tell them there's a lady in Canada who's ready to open up a Duke camp for emergencies such as these. She has treats too.

  3. My name's Sundae. I'm a kitty, but I hate when my folks leave me all day too. I pay them back, though. I sprawl out on the floor right at their feet when they walk in the door. That way they HAVE to rub my tummy as soon as they get home.

  4. Dear Duke,I'm very impressed that you can tell time! That alone should get you mountains of treats. You tell your mommy and daddy that I said you deserve a whole day where they do nothing but pay attention to you!

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