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Duker-day…when I accidentally escaped. (part 2)

 So…that day I accidentally escaped…it was a long hot day and I was in the doghouse all day.

Well, I can’t really be in the doghouse anymore because my mom and dad changed what we were using for my vacation home (doghouse) into a chicken coop. That’s a whole ‘nother story for a whole ‘nother day.

The thing is – it was a hot day and I was all stinky and swampy from my adventure earlier in the day. And my mom and dad can’t be mad at me for too long. I realize that and take full advantage!

Sometimes on hot days on the weekends when my dad isn’t quite so busy, he might take me to my friend Chevy’s to swim in their pond. We don’t have a pond. All we have is a little kiddy pool and really, a kiddy pool? So later that day, my mom and dad took me to swim in Chevy’s pond.

Boy! Did that feel good!

Now, Chevy’s a good dog, but she’s a girl and girls like to boss me around. I’m an easy going dog though so I just let them. Or avoid them. And when I go to Chevy’s pond I just want to swim and cool off so I try to avoid Chevy, even though she’s a perfectly nice dog.

Chevy was in the house when we got there. She wasn’t too happy to see strangers out at her pond…till she realized that we weren’t strangers after all!

And that’s about the time that I decided it might be safer to hang out underneath the dock.
I don’t mind it under there. That water is still nice and cool under there.

That’s my dad and Chevy’s dad. They’ve known each other since they were kids. Oh, and Chevy’s back there trying to figure out where I’m at.
She’ll never find me! 
Way too soon and my dad’s telling me that it’s time to go home. That’s me in front of my dad and Chevy behind.
Good-bye Chevy. Good-bye wonderful pond. I hope to see you again soon.

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