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Date Night Adventures

Otherwise known as – “Let’s move the well driller!”

I am not kidding when I say that there is rarely a time when Jim and I go out that does not involve the business in one way or another. It could be something as insignificant as picking up some oddball fitting at Lowe’s to…you guessed it – moving the well driller (rig).

Recently we had a job about an hour from home. A little further than we like to travel…but it happens. The rig was moved out there, the well was drilled, and it was time to bring ‘er home.

Date night!

We left late in the afternoon and headed out. As we drove along, Jim spotted an antique store that we had not seen before. But then this antique-ing thing is fairly new to me so Jim may have seen it before, just never bothered to suggest a stop, thinking that it wouldn’t interest me. Now it does. And boy does it! This was a nice shop with lots of fairly priced interesting items. And we both picked out a couple of things and didn’t spend a whole lot of money.

One of the treasures that we found. It’s very old and hand-made. And it cost $1.50!

We continued on our way. It does get more and more rural as we get further out. The farmers are all working in the fields making up for all of the planting time that they lost because of our incredibly wet and rainy spring. I really love this area.

We decided to stop for dinner in the town that is nearest by where our rig is waiting for us. I’ve always liked this little town and I tell Jim, “If I were to pick a place to move to, I would like to live in Croswell.” Locals might think I’m crazy because there isn’t much in Croswell, but that’s why I like it. We pass a little local restaurant and decide to turn around to have dinner there (shout out to the Riverside Family Restaurant). It’s pretty much the only place to eat, although Croswell does have a McDonald’s, so there’s that. We enjoy these little local places though. They’re some of the best places to eat and, if you see the locals hanging out there, you can usually bet that the food’s pretty good.

But…just before we turn around to head back to the little restaurant we see this:

Okay…we didn’t actually see KISS. It was a group of about six or so teenagers and all but one had black and white goth make-up on.

And I said to Jim, “Um…I changed my mind about wanting to live here.”

We turned around and pulled into the parking lot next to the restaurant and, well frankly, I was afraid to get out of the car! Other people didn’t seem to take notice of this group of kids. A police car drove by and didn’t even slow down. So, either they’re a common sight and quite harmless or there’s some event going on that requires the wearing of gothic black and white make-up. Anyhow, these kids stopped in front of a nearby church, posed while the non-made-up member of the group took pictures, and were on their way.

We went into the restaurant, which had friendly waitresses, groups of locals having dinner, and a pretty darn good fish sandwich and fries. Please! If you know the area and know any bad things about this place – don’t tell me!

It was time to get the rig, which was just a few miles outside of town. We left the job with the satisfaction of having provided this customer with a good supply of water for the house that they will be building on their beautiful piece of property.

The ride home couldn’t have been more pleasant, as far as “following the rig” rides go. There was hardly any traffic for the whole way home. The cars that did come upon us didn’t ride my rear. The route we took was one of the more scenic ways to come back home. It was just simply a good ride!

We dropped the rig at the next job and headed home.

Another enjoyable “date night”!


9 thoughts on “Date Night Adventures

  1. Oh, My goodness, I could be writing this myself. Our dates are always like this! But, thats ok, because like yours, I always know that I am going on an adventure:) So, happy that you and your hubby got some time together:)

  2. Hi Laura…how nice that you both had some time together…to enjoy dinner and enjoy one another…even if it had to do with work! Thank you for visiting my "little space"…and the sweet comment! Hugs ♥ Teri

  3. Wow, sounds like you lead lives as wild and crazy as WE do ~ ha! Goes to show though that even the most mundane activities can be turned into special times:)~Cindy

  4. Sounds like a good date night either way! I love eating in small town restaurants. They do have really good food! I remember being in some rinky dink little place in Onaway a few years ago and had the best hamburger and coffee I've ever had! Have a good weekend!

  5. We have never had "date night". We used go out to movies more often than we do now. My husband's hobby is brewing his own beer. I'm not really a beer drinker so I don't appreciate all the tales of hopps and grains. Our road trips somehow wind up at a brewery for lunch or dinner for him to try a "new to him" beer. I don't get it, but he's happy and I'm on the road to somewhere fun.

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