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Duker -day…when I accidentally escaped. (part 1)

My mom and dad have one of those invisible fences around our yard. I think I once heard my mom say that I have about 5 acres to roam in. And usually I’m pretty happy with that five acres. I can go in the front yard and I can go over next to the driveway. Plus, I have the whole backyard, the sideyard, and part of the woods. Yep, I’m one lucky dog.

Until, that is, someone decides to go beyond my fence and leaves me behind. Now I can can deal with them driving away. I mean, I want to go, but I know that I can’t all the time. I know better than to cross my invisible line. Darn it though, when they take a walk in the woods or go on a four-wheel ride and go beyond where my fence allows me…well I’m just not happy when that happens. But I’m good. I may bark for a few minutes, but then I go about my business and wait anxiously for them to appear again.

One day, a couple of weeks ago, my dad took off on the four-wheeler and I really wanted to follow. I mean I really wanted to! We got to the place where I can’t go any further and….and….my collar didn’t buzz when I got close to that spot. Hmmm….I wondered if I should take a chance. “Go for it!” I decided.

It felt so good to run behind my dad (even though I stayed far enough back that he didn’t even see me ☺) The wind through my ears, the cool swamp to run through, new territory and new smells. Then we got to a road and my dad crossed the road. So, I followed (luckily it was at the end of a dead end road). What the heck! When I saw him pull into a driveway, I recognized my brother, Jon and a whole group of people that I’d seen before at our house. This must be Jon’s house! I’ve never been here before.

Cool! A party!

Then I heard Jon’s friend Josh say to my dad, “There’s Duke!” That’s when my dad turned around and saw  me and he said, “That’s not Duke.” Then he looked harder and said, “D*&@%!d if it isn’t Duke!” That’s when my common sense kicked in and I realized that no matter how good it felt – This. was. not. a. good. idea.

Before my dad could say too much to me, I turned around and high-tailed it for home. It’s lucky I didn’t get lost too. I made it home in plenty of time to pretend like I’d always been there. It didn’t fool my dad one bit.

The evidence was all over me. Swamp mud! Shoot.

And then my dad checked out my collar. Turns out I somehow lost a screw in this black box that’s stuck to my collar and I guess somehow it got wet inside that box. And then the collar quit working.

I hear that my folks weren’t too happy about having to pay $80 for a new collar, but they love me. It’s for my own good after all.

I’m one lucky dog!

*From Duke’s mom – Please if you’re one of those people who don’t like these collars…I’ve heard the arguments. These are not cruel. Duke (and Sosha) know their limits and don’t get shocked (it buzzes/vibrates to let them know they’re nearing the line). And we know they’re not foolproof. But neither is a fenced-in yard, which is what Duke was in at first…before he learned to dig his way out. Over and over. We live on a busy road and have experienced the pain and anguish of losing a dog to the road. We do not want to go through that again.


10 thoughts on “Duker -day…when I accidentally escaped. (part 1)

  1. We have actually been thinking about getting one for Our dog, he will usually stay in the front yard (we cant put him in the backyard because our big dogs would like eat him) but when a car or person walks by he wants to follow. I am hoping they also make these special for little dogs because if they do I am getting one.

  2. It is too bad that you have to put a disclaimer … I don't know why people would post a comment to question your choices, but they do. I used to think those invisible wires were cruel, but I don't now. They are much better than scooping your dog of the street pavement once they have been hit. I think they are better an actual fences, and dogs who have a yard to run free in are so much luckier than dogs that must be walked on leashes … like my 3 grand dogs!

  3. Hi Laura. So happy I found your blog (from you discovering mine!). Thoroughly enjoyed this post:) Think I'm gonna have to contact you with some questions regarding your fence choice ~ we NEED one but I'm not sure what to buy!With a smile,Cindy (www.RetroRevivalBiz.blogspot.com)

  4. This is such a cute post. The swamp mud will get you every time, Duke! :)I'm so glad Duke made it home safe and sound.

  5. I firmly believe in invisible fences and would use one if I needed. However, Peanut does NOT go past the big ash tree in the yard – and I keep a close eye on her when she is outside. If I had a bigger dog that wandered, I would get one.

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