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Duker-day! The Toby Edition.

My brother Toby…

In the first few weeks of our lives, Toby and I were inseparable.

We were a couple days old here.
And then Toby went off to live with a very nice family and I ended up staying with my family. Life goes on.
A couple of years ago, Toby’s sister wrote a very nice note to my mom. She wanted us to know that they are so happy that we let them adopt Toby and that he is the best dog ever (well…maybe second best ☺). They love him very much. I’m happy that Toby and I both have such great families! She sent pictures to my mom too. So, we got to see what Toby looks like now. Except that my mom, dad, and sister got to visit Toby once so they already got to see him all grown up…they didn’t take me with them.
Toby ↑ and Me ↓ Do you see a family resemblance?
I don’t either…

Obviously Toby and I share a love of water. I think that Toby’s family has a pond so Toby can swim whenever he wants…I’m a little jealous.
 Just yesterday my dad was telling me that he worked for someone who is a friend of Toby and his family and that Toby is doing great. Maybe someday we’ll get to see each other again…I wonder what would happen.

5 thoughts on “Duker-day! The Toby Edition.

  1. Cute! Toby and Duke are good looking pups, for sure. It would be interesting to see how they'd act if they got together in the future. THAT would make for some fun pictures too!

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