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My girl…

Thirty-one *shhh* years ago, on this very day, I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl I had ever laid eyes on. She was an angel with her blond fuzz and big blue eyes. She was named Jamie Lynn, born on 7-21 at 7:02pm weighing 7 lbs. 2oz. and 21 inches long.

Jamie was probably 2 days old in this picture. I am 19.

In honor of her 31 years of blessing us with her beauty, grace, humor, and always being there for us, I am sharing some of my favorite pictures…

The original Cabbage Patch doll. ~ six months old

With her best friend, Ruby, who used to escape by crawling under my mom’s buffet. Jamie at about a year and a half soon learned to follow!
This picture was intended to be of only Jim and I, but my brother-in-law spotted Jamie just out of the shot and…one of my all time favorites. She is 5 1/2.
She’s about six here, telling her dad an important (I’m sure ;-)) secret.
Love this one of her and her Popop. Jamie’s about 7 here.
At 8 1/2, she wasn’t thrilled at first that we gave her a baby brother, instead of the baby sister that she insisted would be named Bambi. I think she got over the disappointment.

You notice that Jamie, her dad, and her brother are all wearing pink toy earrings here?

Love this picture of my mom and my children in 2000.

A very proud moment. College graduation in 2004.

Happy Birthday, Jamie! I have a feeling that this will be a great year! I love you! ♥

 P.S. There were so many more pictures that I could have included. It was tough to pick and choose! 🙂


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