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Simple Sunday (with a little extra)

We recently drilled a well for a couple who are in the 80’s. When Jim and I dropped the rig off, the wife (Mr.S) was telling me about their dog, Tina, and she had to go get Tina so that I could meet her. As I admired Tina, I told her about our dogs and she wanted to see them. I ended having to go out there a few times to run things to Jim and a couple of times I brought our dogs. Mrs. S was so thrilled to meet Duke and Sosha. Sosha put her head out of the car window and this woman closed her eyes as she gave Sosha a little hug. I could tell that she just loved dogs. You could see it in her face.

She wanted to exchange pictures of the dogs. The next time Jim had to head out there I made sure that I had a photo of Duke and Sosha for Mrs. S. Jim had to stop there on Friday and Mrs. S showed him the place of honor she had given Duke and Sosha right on her fridge. She had a picture of Tina for us and even offered Jim a magnet so that we could hang it on our fridge.

I decided that before Tina gets her place on our fridge that she deserves to be admired by all of you!

Tina S. — one dog who is very well loved!

8 thoughts on “Simple Sunday (with a little extra)

  1. Laura, how good to hear from you! I'm glad for you that your kids moved back. Maybe that will end up happening to us someday. 😀 We too are owned by a wonderful little Australian Shepherd name Beau. Don't you just love it?Deb

  2. Another dog lover! The world can never have enough of them, as far as I'm concerned. How nice that you two got to exchange doggy pictures. And Tina is just really cute too.Isn't it nice when we cross paths in this life with nice people like Mrs. S.?

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