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The premier of Duker-day!

Hi, my name is Duke and I’m the pup that my mom sometimes talks about here. I know she puts pictures of me on here so much that she had an idea…

Maybe I should give you the short version of my life so far —
I was born on September 29, 2006. There were just two of us, my brother and I, and our doggy mama was just too old and tired to take care of us. That task fell to the lady who would become my mom and her daughter who became my sister. ☺ And my mom thought I would need a strong name to match the strength I would need to get me through those first weeks. She named me Duke and my brother was named Toby (that sister named him!) They bottle-fed us every two hours around the clock and helped us go potty and kept us clean. Most of all they loved us.

My brother and I, doing what we did a lot in those early days.

In a few weeks, we were starting to eat puppy food. And then it was time to move on. This was never meant to be our forever home. There were other families that wanted us to live with them. My foster family already had a dog and didn’t really want another. My mom and sister were really really really sad to see us go (that’s how my mom tells it). My mom was especially attached to me because I’m the baby she took care of the most. She missed me and was sooo happy when, after a week, the lovely people who wanted me couldn’t end up keeping me after all.

I’m about a month old here.

 I know I hit the puppy jackpot when I got this family. They love me and…they were very easy to train. I have my own bed on the floor at the foot of my parent’s bed. I get to go on lots of car rides. I can usually be pretty sure that when my mom has to go to where my dad is working, I’ll get to go too. My favorite kind of ride is the one where we go to that place with the golden arches. I get most of the french fries and my own cheeseburger and, if they get apple pies, my mom ALWAYS saves me part of hers. I make it kind of hard for her to forget though! Once a year, my parents pack up the car (leaving plenty of room for me to stretch out) and we go to this little house that has A LAKE! I’ll talk more about that another time. Sometimes my mom and dad leave without me. It’s never for more than a few days, but it feels like a lot longer.

Anyhow, I have more stories to tell and way more pictures to show and my mom tells me that I will be back here every Saturday…or, as we like to call it – Duker-day!


5 thoughts on “The premier of Duker-day!

  1. How adorable that Duke has his own posts now! He's such a good boy. I just love the pic of him at a month old. How can you not want to hug puppies when they're that small & cute?Looking forward to hearing more on Duke-er Days!

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