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What were you doing a year ago?

Click on the link They’re wild for Ingalls Wilder at LauraPalooza to see where Jim and I were. He’s the James in the article who had accompanied his wife Laura to the conference. Targeted by the reporter because he was the only man (at that time) at the ice cream social.
I’m not sure how thrilled Jim was about his “celebrity status” but I’m pretty happy that he was there with me! ☺ Next year? I’m not so sure he’s up for a repeat performance…

Jim is not in this picture…or any picture from the whole LauraPalooza experience. However, I believe that the reason Laura Ingalls Wilder author and expert, John E. Miller, came to sit at our table was because he spotted Jim (sitting with us at that time) as the only other man in the room (same reason the reporter sought him out)…besides Dean Butler. See him there in the background? ☺

7 thoughts on “What were you doing a year ago?

  1. But we need a photographer! I remember when John Miller came up and I realized who he was and that he was talking to us!

  2. A year ago, at this time, we went up to Michigan to see the girls and the grands. Laura, I went over to your daughter's blog to read her Harry Potter expereince and to meet her. I can relate as she is about the age of my oldest daughter. I tried to leave comments and kept getting kicked back to sign in to Blogger. Dumb thing. Anyway, I did "follow" her so maybe you can let her know why this random person showed up. Thanks for the introduction. I like meeting the family. 🙂

  3. A year ago – I was doing exactly the same thing, only different players. This year I am recovering from an injury, last year it was my daughter. LOL – not very interesting.

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