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No words…

I’m just sad…very sad. I have no words and wouldn’t know how to say what I’m feeling anyhow. Just sad for a baby who didn’t get to live her life.
Don’t try to explain the justice system to me. I get it.

But it doesn’t make it right.



10 thoughts on “No words…

  1. Yes, I suppose I "get" the justice system as well, but have we not lived out a paradox? I mean,, where's THE JUSTICE? I walked away from my tv with images of INjustice streaming through my thought process.Can't there be something said for common sense when in diliberation? I don't know.Still stunned.Sad,,

  2. Somehting I learned a long time ago. If you've got money you can get whatever you want even if it's a form of fraudulant justice.What was wrong with the jury?

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