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Simple Sunday

Jim was putting the flag up yesterday and I was struck by the way our big dog, Duke,  was sitting there watching him.


15 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

  1. I just showed this to Jim late last night (he didn't realize Duke was sitting like that) and he pointed out that Duke has attended enough Boy Scout events to realize that he must show reverence. The scouts camp in our camp/lodge area back in our woods a couple of times a year. There is always a flag raising and lowering every day that they camp. The dogs love to be out there with those boys. They get tons of attention (and food) ☺Every fall they do a flag retiring ceremony. Sometime I will have to tell the quick story of Sosha at last year's ceremony…

  2. He's a true patriot! He will soon earn his pins!I am a new blogger and just found yours. I am a former Michigander who now lives in Canada. Please drop by my blog and say"hi" when you have the time.I will pray for your health troubles. I have had "slight" problems with that, so I can only imagine what you are suffering.Take care-Kimberly

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