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Books – Reading, Writing, and Giving Away

At the beginning of the year, I made a plan to read one book a week and to write a summary on each book.


 I think I’ve read 14 books and blogged about two or three if you count my latest giveaway book, The Sun Also Rises. 

I think I have a fear that when I write a post about a book that I’ve read and enjoyed, that maybe I just can’t do it justice. But, you know what, if I like a book (or if I don’t), I still want to talk about it.

So I am.

Once a week I’m going to try to write a post about a book that I’ve read this year. Occasionally, I’m going to give a book away. Some of the books that I read I keep and some I lend to family or friends, others I will send to one of you!


8 thoughts on “Books – Reading, Writing, and Giving Away

  1. I have that problem in blogging about books– I don't think I can express what I mean about ones I enjoyed, nor do I want to taint the experience for someone else if it's a book I didn't like. Kind of a hard balance!

  2. I want to blog about several books. I just have to find the time. I just have a really hard time giving books away. One of my friends was shocked to find out that while I'm reading constantly I haven't been to the library in 15 years so I don't know if my card is still good.

  3. Being a voracious reader, I wouldn't want to review a book that didn't move me in some way. Maybe that's been the case with you. There hasn't been that one book that really impressed you. I'll be watching your blog for the ones that do.

  4. From your descriptions that I've read so far, you do an incredible job of talking about each book, so go for it! You're helping to educate the rest of us regarding what's out in the book world that's a good read. I'm thankful for your help in that way, Laura! Keep it up!

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