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I swear…

or don’t I?

I rarely swear and there’s a good reason for it.


My parents did not approve. And I respected that. Even as a grown woman, I respected that. Even though they’re both gone now, I still respect it. Now, that’s not to say that I didn’t go through a phase where I had quite a potty mouth. That was during “that time” in my life during my teens when I did a lot that I regret. To be honest, something seemingly as harmless as swearing is one of those regrets. I remember my dad finding a note that a friend and I had been passing back and forth (the trash was not off limits to my dad sometimes ☺). In it I said a “bad word”. I did not get into trouble very often with my dad, but that was one time that he was very disappointed in me. He told me, plain and simple, ladies should not swear. That was not how I was being raised. That sounded pretty chauvinistic back in the ’70’s, but I never forgot it. I swore for a few more years after that, but not in front of my parents.

Fast forward to my life for the past 25 years. Jim certainly can’t tell me what to do and doesn’t try to, but I know that he doesn’t like to hear me swear. I respect that. He rarely does hear me utter more than the d-word. Sometimes when I bang my finger or toe it’s hard not to. I know that Jim has a different language when he’s working. He does not use that language in front of me. Respect. I have never heard my husband say the F-word. Never.

If you swear, I don’t judge you. Honest I don’t. But remember – Respect.


10 thoughts on “I swear…

  1. I so agree! My parents are the same :)I am taking this that someone must be swearing a little on their blog?I have read a few blogs (not ones that I follow!!) where swearing almost seems to be the mainstay of the theme or maybe shock value?!Or maybe I am just in the wrong direction all together..LOL!You were raised right!Have a great day :)xo, misha

  2. I have some words that I know I use that aren't "nice" but not swear words though sometimes they just slip out sometimes, but there are some that never do. When other people use them, I just keep thinking that they may think they are cool, but I just think it shows them to not have a very large vocabulary.

  3. Not comfy with some words and expressions…can't use them and generally get all antsy when I hear them. Don't like to come across them in print either. I really don't see the need.

  4. I have to chuckle at myself; after reading this, I am not one to swear except on the golf course; that little white ball causes me to say the most dreadful things! I guess that's why I don't do it very often 🙂

  5. You said that very well, Laura. I was raised the same way and I try not to swear at all (but still slip every once in a while). Respect, in a lot of instances, has slipped by the wayside. I think it should make a comeback!

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