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Who wants to go next?

My husband finally got to take his turn at the colonoscopy game on Wednesday.

His mother has been after him to get one as her father and a sister both died of colon cancer.

And he won. Two thumbs up from the doctor who told him that he doesn’t need to see him for five years.

I didn’t have to end up having the police come take him to get it done! šŸ™‚

And I was very relieved.

There are too many precious memories to make.


8 thoughts on “Who wants to go next?

  1. So glad to hear your hubby's test came out just fine, Laura. And kudos to him for going on his own, without the police dragging him to his appointment!!!I'm supposed to have my first colonoscopy as soon as possible too. Your post reminded me that I need to make that appointment, so thanks!

  2. colon cancer my husband had 2 yr. ago he is now needing to get his 2 yr check-up..glad for your sweetheart all clear – super wonderful – Hello, I amnew to your Blog — I'll be back.

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