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Family time at our son’s house

My young man of a son (22 years old) lives not far from us. He has always enjoyed family gatherings, so it was just a given that he would establish a tradition of his own once he bought his own home. He had his second annual Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend Cookout this past weekend. The food was delicious, the storms held off, and everyone was able to relax and have a good time. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…


4 thoughts on “Family time at our son’s house

  1. "Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend"? In Indiana, we just call that "Race Day". 😉 I'm still not sure what they call it in Texas.

  2. Looks like quite the gathering – how wonderful that your son is starting to have his own traditions with family and friends around.I'm glad the weather held up too!Cheers, Jenny

  3. It's so nice to see photos with green grass and trees, and happy, smiling family members. So glad you were able to go and have an enjoyable day with those you love. And that little baby is just adorable! Thanks for sharing, Laura! 🙂

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