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Look who came to join our family!

Chicks! Little baby chicks. Don’t ask me who is whom (waiting to match the personality with the name), but I introduce to you: Eliza Jane, Alice, Lena, Minnie, Ida, and Hetty!

Brand new chicks in their new home.

Yep. I finally wore Jim down. ☺ He wasn’t really thrilled with the idea, thinking that they will eventually be his responsibility. Not that it’s ever happened before, but in my defense, those ducks weren’t mine either! A few weeks ago, I talked to him about it again. I wanted to be in full agreement. I wouldn’t do it if he was dead set against chickens.

 He stopped what he was working on (sweet man that he is), we cleaned out the duck coop (which the dogs have been using as their dog house) and Jim built nesting boxes (not that we need them yet). We decided to put them right in the chicken coop because, believe me, it was safer than the house! Two very interested dogs and a cat. I keep a close eye on the nightime temp in case I need to bring them in for the night. They have a heat lamp and their house is very tight, warm, and cozy.

The like to sit on the edge of the nesting boxes. Practicing their roosting techniques.

Then I decided that maybe we didn’t have the money to buy and feed chickens. Then I changed my mind. The cost is pretty minimal actually. So last Friday, Jim had to pick up a few things at our local farm store and asked if I wanted to go. “And get my chickens?” I asked. And we came home with six cute little chicks.

All snuggled in for the night last night.

I’ll keep you all updated!!

Taken just this morning. Look at those feathers coming in!

Next up: a garden. We haven’t planted a garden in several years. Weeds, allergies, lack of time. This year’s the year to begin again though. We’re starting small. Wish us luck! If we can ever get it planted. If this darn rain doesn’t quit we may have lakeside property…

We’re becoming regular farmers!


12 thoughts on “Look who came to join our family!

  1. So cute! Good for you for taking the plunge! I begged my parents for chickens when I was young, but they never agreed. 😦 Raising chickens is on my to-do list if I ever get a house.

  2. What adorable little chicks – I'm glad Jim finally relented because I can hear the excitement in your post.Have fun! And…I like their names – you're good in the name department!Cheers, Jenny

  3. Hi Laura, I see that you have stopped by my place and signed on..how sweet of you..I had to just pop on over and visit with you..the chicks…how adorable…a girl after my own heart…6 little darlin's…we don't have the provisions for them, and we live in the city…or else I would do the same..maybe someday..looking forward to see how you do with them and watching them grow…:)

  4. Awwwww, how adorable! I love baby chicks! I always want to pick them up and hold them. lol Are you going to get a rooster now so you can have fresh eggs? Or will these chickees be used for your food?

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