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Celebrating a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, my love. And I’m sorry that I giggled last night when the waitress asked if you wanted the two-piece, three-piece, or SENIOR fish and chips meal. ☺ I love you!


10 thoughts on “Celebrating a happy birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday, to your Fella!!!!!!!!!!!!!And I know what you mean about rain, rain, rain, as you said in my comments. -sigh- So much of it here too. It's so wonderful, when it doesn't rain.I wish you lovely weekend weather! For both of us.Gentle hugs,~♥~

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment! I would truly love to have that gingerbread recipe 😀 Thanks again. I just bought a gingerbread spatula to save for baking with the granddaughter (or son) I hope to have someday. Maybe to make that gingerbread!

  3. Happy Birthday to your husband! I had to laugh about the senior meal, you're mean! 😀 Hope you guys had a wonderful day. 🙂

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