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Another tough day…

 Today would have been my dad’s 82nd birthday. He died on December 23, 1992 leaving a big, sad, empty hole in our family. No one could ever even attempt to fill it. No one would ever attempt to try…

1951 – My mom and dad on their wedding day.
Early 1970’s. This is my favorite picture of my parents. Love my dad’s slacks!

Christmas 1976. Getting ready to carve that Christmas turkey!
Christmas 1982. Yes, this is my mom, her mom, and the three granddaughters. But look behind them! Dad waving. I ♥ this one!

This was taken at our wedding reception in Oct. 1985. My dad and  his brother-in-law, Bob. They were good friends too. I think this is a great picture of my dad.

We just don’t have many family pictures. I think this is in 1988(?) Maybe after our mom had been in the hospital and my sister and I (and our kids) drove to Florida, which would be why we were all together.
Summer 1972. Sleeping Bear Dunes. My dad and I walked all the way up and decided to run (not all the way) down. I love this one!

I miss you, dad. We all do.


10 thoughts on “Another tough day…

  1. Family pictures are such a blessing. It helps us remember our roots and the fun times. I have a ton of them in my basement and I hope to blog about some of them in the future. I loved looking at yours.

  2. How sweet they look in their wedding photo. He is still with you in your heart. I feel that way about my Mom. It's tough isn't it?

  3. Aw, sorry I missed reading this yesterday. We always remember the special days and special times with our loved ones. All the comments above are GREAT – love the quote that "mybabyjohn" left."Retired knitter": we just bought a fireproof box to keep our old photos in. Impossible to scan them all for back-ups!

  4. Thank you all for your kind words. I think May has put me in a funk with both my parents' birthdays.I'm trying to drag myself out of it though. Thursday is my husband's birthday. He deserves a happy me!

  5. Awwww, bummer that you lost your dad, Laura. We lost my mom, and my mother-in-law, 2 years apart, and my husband & I miss them terribly.Hope your hubby's birthday tomorrow will cheer you up a lot! Sending smiles to you…

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