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The reckless side of me!

I like to plan ahead. I have never really been fond of doing things spur of the moment. Over time I have accepted that, if I wanted to spend a rainy day “down in the city” with Jim, I needed to accept that I could just drop everything and go. That is now…without kids to shuttle and so many volunteer commitments.

So begins the story of my reckless spontaneous decision yesterday…

I saw Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band in 1977 at (what was then) Pine Knob (now called DTE Energy Music Theatre) in Clarkston, MI. It’s an outdoor venue with a covered pavilion where the stage and the prime seats are and the “Hill” where it was general seating. We had tickets on the hill. I was 16 and it didn’t matter that it had rained earlier. It was a great show.

A Bob Seger concert in 1977

A few months ago, I heard that Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band would be appearing at The Palace of Auburn Hills in May. I really wanted to go. I shoved it to the back of my mind though. “Shouldn’t be spending money on such silliness,” I told myself.

Of course as the time got closer, I started kicking myself for not buying tickets. “Too late now,” I told myself. “Still don’t have the extra money to spend,” I reminded myself. Jim told me several times to go ahead and get tickets, but I just couldn’t justify spending the money. *sigh*

Darn it though! It was Bob Seger. Michigan born and still a Michigan man! At 66, this could be his last tour. He’ll have to retire sometime. It just seemed like we shouldn’t miss it…

And then he played his first show on Tuesday night. I heard that the first song he sang was “Roll Me Away” which is my favorite of his. And I heard that he played for over two hours and it was a good, really good, show. I may have whined a little at this point.

Yesterday (Thursday) was his second show and in the morning I said to Jim that I soooo wish I would have gotten tickets and I soooo wish that we were going. Jim told me that he had heard there were still tickets and that I should check it out. And I did. Then I decided that we just couldn’t spend the money. Then I whined to Jim again. Again he told me to GO SEE IF THERE WERE STILL TICKETS! And I did. And there were.

Not good tickets, mind you, but there were tickets. I called Jim. Twice. He told me to BUY THE TICKETS. And I did. I think it was hitting 2pm and the concert started at 7:30 and we live about an hour away. If you know me well, you know that I like to be early to these types of things. Really early. There’s really no sense to it, but it’s just one of my lovely quirks.

Not this time. We left with plenty of time, but stopped to eat and let our GPS mess up our route when we pretty much knew how to get there. So, we got to The Palace less than an hour before the start of the show. I am bordering on reckless here now! Less than an hour before the start of the show? Not like me at all!

We were lucky we had that little bit of time though, as I had to recover from the many stairs we ascended up to the next to the last row of seats. That didn’t bother me once I caught my breath (but there was no way I was going back down ā˜ŗ). We were there. We were going to see and listen to Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band put on an awesome show. AND THEY DID!

A bad photo with my cell phone zoomed in. Yes, zoomed in. But you know what? It just didn’t matter. We were there and it was an awesome show!

Can you think of a Bob Seger song that you would have liked to hear? We heard it! He sang his hits and he sang newer songs. He sounds great. He is Bob Seger. AND WE SAW HIM!!!

I don’t want to end this on a negative note, but I have some concert pet peeves:
*Pot Smokers. Seriously? I don’t want to inhale it.
*Standers. I came to see Bob Seger, not your back.
*Singers. I came to hear Bob Seger, not you.
*Farters. Please visit the restroom! šŸ™‚

That said, we’re not spoil sports. Sing (sometimes), stand (not through the whole show) and fart (once in a while, if you absolutely have to). But please leave your pot at home! Although, it was slightly entertaining. I saw them all leave. Then the next time I looked over at them…they were eating… and I mean really eating! ā˜ŗ

Does every concert have the “enthusiastic dancer”? Our section had one. She danced through almost the whole show (and I saw her turn and ask the people behind her if she was in their way, they didn’t seem to mind). She really danced…badly. But she was so darn happy and enthusiastic about it that it was fun to watch her!

Great day. Great concert. Sometimes we have to be reckless and spontaneous and just have fun!


 He’s changed a little bit since the last time I saw him, but then…so have I.
1977. No, this was not my date for the concert back then. šŸ™‚

2011. I had a much better date for this concert and we had a great time!

And thanks to the great waitress at the Big Boy on Hall Road in Clinton Township who let us in after they had closed when we assured her that we just wanted dessert. It was after midnight. She was at the end of her shift and was just super nice.


7 thoughts on “The reckless side of me!

  1. Ooo I'm glad you went. I heard it was a great show! Would you believe I saw Bob Seger when I was 16 and he was backup for Bachman Turner Overdrive! He looked just like the first picture of him! I think it must have been 1974!

  2. Wow – I've never seen Bob Seger, but I love his music! Sounds like you had a good time…for the most part. Your 1977 concert reminded me of the time we saw Elton John at an amphitheater in Va. Beach. And it had recently rained too.Oh well – still fun times!

  3. You lucky girl! I love Bob, but have never seen him. I remember when he would be a Sherwood Forest in Davison. I did get an email that he will be in Grand Rapids and am chewing Silver Bullets (ha) because now I live in N.C. He is truly a legend. Glad you got to go. On the smoking pot thing… A few years ago we got free tickets to see Tony Bennett at DTE. OK, he's a legend too so we took our blanket and sat on the hill…. amongst the pot smokers. Really? At Tony Bennett? Who would think it?

  4. I heard another gal comment on the pot smoking when he was in the cities. I am a little too old to have been a fan, and I cannot think of even one song he sang..old..I must be as old as dirt..but it sounds like you had a wonderful time:)

  5. I went to a two day concert at Kings Island during college. DC Talk, who I absolutely adore and Steven Curtis Chapman. I was with two friends and we ended up meeting up with six other classmates the first night. We were singing and dancing as were everyone we could see. A youth group sat in front of us(with the leader making sure that the kids sat in way to exact a way). They kept giving us dirty looks. The next night DCT started into my absolute favorite song. I jumped up and screamed as we were motioned to do. The group turned around looked at me and left the concert. I assume I maybe one of the people who annoy you.

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