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I think I’ve said before how I never really was one to go “antique-ing” until my patient, long-suffering husband accompanied me to LauraPalooza in Mankato, Minnesota last July (he even attended some of the sessions). I would do the same for him, for sure! I told him that, on the way home, he could choose whatever it was that he wanted to stop and do along the way.

One of the things that he chose was stopping at antique stores that we happened upon.

It quickly turned into one of my favorite things to do! I mean…I’ve loved antiques and have been doing ebay for some years, but the browsing, the searching, the finding little treasures. I loved it. And Jim was pretty happy because it has given us something that we can enjoy together.

On our way home from our MGWA in Kalamazoo convention in March, we decided to look for a couple of antique stores along the way home. We found a couple and I found a few finds, of course! ☺

What do you think of my treasures?

A white baby gown, a teeny butter mold, and some old photos.

I can never really tell the age of some things, but I love these long white baby gowns. This was a very simple one and it was affordable. So it became mine!

A little butter mold to go with my big one.

Again, not sure of the age, but love the little heart design.

I started collecting antique photos of children, babies, sometimes families last summer. I can usually get them at a good price and it’s a collection that doesn’t take up a whole lot of room…yet. ☺

So sweet!

Jim and I spent the afternoon yesterday at a couple of antique stores and other lovely distractions on a weekday (that ended up raining…again) that was too wet to get anything done. I will share those finds next week!


12 thoughts on “Antique-ing

  1. How fun! Love your treasures, the gown is precious and those photos are wonderful! Also love the photo of your mom in the post below!

  2. I am an antique-ing lover too. We have downsized from a 4 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom condo my space is limited. I love the photos. Since I discovered "Forgotten Old Photographs" on my favorites, I know they can find their way home. Don't they each tell you a story? Like the old Paul Harvey radio program, I want to know "the rest of the story".

  3. You know you can post your old photos on Dead Fred, most especially if there are any identifying marks on the back or photographers names on the front. It helps people who are searching for their ancestors.

  4. Lovely gown..and well I love old photos!! It was nice to see your comment there! I return quite a few to family..and even returned an unmarked one to a gal that just happen by and saw a photo of her Grandma..how cool is that! My husband and I love antique shops and garage sales..:)

  5. Be careful! Antiquing is DANGEROUS! I speak as one who knows. It's a nasty habit – you walk in thinking "I don't need anything, I'll just look" and walk out crushed under the load of things that you "NEED." Lovely dress, by the way. And I love butter molds – that's a purty one!

  6. The little white baby dress is so sweet-looking. And it looks to be in really nice condition too!Old photos always make me wonder who the people are, where they lived, and what their life story was.What a blessing that you and Jim have found a hobby you can do together and enjoy! 🙂

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