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A walk about the place…

Spring has finally sprung! I didn’t want to believe it at first, but it’s still here after several beautiful days and a couple of rain (not snow) storms. Here’s a taste of springtime at our place…

See how green it is! The trees have leaves on them!

Our immediate backyard. We have a very large yard. This is right behind the house. Soon that snowball bush will be covered. I have to remember to take a picture as the beauty only last for a few days.

Duke. A happy and not cold and not wet and not snowy dog!

Again. See he’s smiling. He’s so happy that spring is here. Please ignore the background as we are out back by the business and Jim has been cleaning out the building that is behind Duke.

Sosha is enjoying the warm weather too. After all, she is originally from the south!

One of my little Catalpa trees. I don’t know how big they get before they start flowering. They’re one of my favorite trees. A few years ago, Jim planted a few babies in the yard just for me!

They’re just starting to get their leaves.

These are our plum trees. I love them this time of year and they smell so good.

See how pretty!

This is the apple tree in our neighbor’s yard. It’s actually our yard, as we own and rent out the house there.

Our woods and the trees with  leaves. Soon all of the trees will all be covered!

Yes, back to Duke. Please ignore the dandelions. They pop up the day after the lawn is mowed and our yard is way too big to keep up with them.

The Lilies of the Valley will be popping soon. Love them!

I haven’t planted a single flower yet, but here is a hanging pot that I bought from my nephew. I think it, and the geraniums I bought from him, ate up my flower budget for this year, but it’s a band fundraiser and the flowers are always beautiful!

Hope you are having a beautiful spring day…wherever you are!


6 thoughts on “A walk about the place…

  1. I love the first signs of spring. Your Lillies of the Valley picture is beautiful. I tested out my green thumb this year but doubt I will get any flowers (my toddler didn't grasp the concept) but it sure was fun!

  2. Your plum trees are beautiful and make me wistful for home.On my parents farm there was wild plum trees that would be blooming and making the entire hillside white.So pretty! So glad that spring has sprung for you(and the doggie:)

  3. Beautiful photos. I love flowering plum trees. But ours bloomed long ago and are now green. My mom had a snowball bush that I loved! And I just planted a couple of Lilies of the Valley this year; hope they make it!Thanks for sharing your lovely yard – and doggies!

  4. Just love all the flowering trees, and that wrought-iron pot holder is cute too. You have a gorgeous and green backyard. Nice!I'm with you…thank goodness spring has finally sprung!

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