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Fancy meeting you here and a big thank you!

Back in April, I wrote about doing a book giveaway here and asked a question. I have too many books so that after I read them, I usually like to give them away so that someone else can enjoy! I can’t possibly keep every single book that I buy, although there are a lot that I do keep! ☺ So I asked:

Would it matter to you if I did a book giveaway and the book had been read once?
I had a very positive response and a lovely comment:

Mama Hen said…

What a great idea!!! We who love books do not mind if they have been previously read. My town library is going to be undergoing renovations for the next 9 months, so they will be closed, and not accepting donations (which is what I usually do with the books I’m not going to read again). So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to use your idea and copy you! Would you mind? And if you send me your address, I’ll start with a giveaway to YOU, if you like, just for being such a neat person with generous ideas!

Now, Mama Hen (aka Teresa) has a lovely blog over at Hen Scratches and we “met” through our blogs, and also through a lovely series of coincidences. When she started following my blog, I hopped on over and checked out her blog. She had made mention of some blogs that she enjoyed, not only mine but also A Happy Honeybee, who headed up the Little House Christmas Stocking swap that I participated in over at swapbot.com. What a coincidence is that? And then, on another post, Mama Hen talked about the Little Town on the Prairie Read-Along going on at Beyond Little House and, when I commented on that one, I found out what her “name” is over there too. So, not only are we blog friends, we are Laura Ingalls Wilder friends as well!

Back to that there comment up there ↑ I did end up sending Mama Hen my address and….well just look at what she sent me!

First the box. The box was beautifully adorned with old -timey pictures having to do with books and reading. Loved it!!

Including this bookmark, which she had in safely wrapped in plastic so that I could use it. I love the picture and the quote Nature and books belong to the eyes that see them. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

And she couldn’t decide which book to send…so she sent five! And I haven’t read any of them and they all look really good. I can’t wait to read them!

Plus, she had written a lovely note on a postcard that she had gotten from The Happy Honeybee in a swapbot swap. And she also included her own personal namecard which she received in the same way! I was so flattered that she chose to share them with me. I think that Teresa and I must be kindred spirits!

So…a big thank you to my friend Teresa (aka Mama Hen, aka TLynn). You are awesome! And I’ll be optimistic and say that I can’t wait to meet you at LauraPalooza next year!!


5 thoughts on “Fancy meeting you here and a big thank you!

  1. Aw, thanks Laura, what a sweet post! I agree that we must be kindred spirits (I couldn't believe how many of your "favorite things" from the A-Z challenge are also MY favorite things!)! I have already informed hubby of LauraPalooza 2012 and my plans to attend, so I'm optimistic too!!

  2. What a great and generous thought. I am all for passing around the books I've read. I only pass the best ones so my sister, neice and daughters know they are getting good ones. I tell them to pass them on or they give them back to me and I trade them in at my Used Book Store for more and start the process over again. Good reading to you both.

  3. This is such a great idea, and it would be hard to beat getting a box of books in the mail. The box and bookmark are lovely!

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